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We believe that through maintaining positive relationships with our employees, partners, clients and others around Future Processing, we preserve the common good.

A responsible employer

A responsible employer

We believe that a responsible employer is one that cares for the wellbeing of its employees on many levels. At FP, our relationships are based on the culture of dialog, trust and transparency of information.

Thanks to our dedicated training unit called FPAcademy, company evens and a rich library of books, FP employees develop their skills and knowledge.

We cater for the best possible atmosphere at work through special interest clubs, team building activities and access to Progress Bar – our gym and leisure centre.

Onsite facilities also include the Fantastyczna Przygoda preschool/kindergarden for the children of our employees.

A responsible partner

A responsible partner

We believe that, through technology, we can deliver solutions which will help us all enter a better future.

Together with our business partners, we run projects within the areas key to our vision. Apart from Smart City projects, we are currently running a medical research project, the aim of which is advancing the diagnostic efficiency of dynamic contrast-enhanced imaging in personalised oncology.

We have also created software which optimises the use of water, a system that supports intelligent city monitoring and a system preventing food waste in the UK, as well as many, many others.

A responsible community member

A responsible community member

We eagerly engage in charity actions and support organisations active in community and education projects.

Every year we join the Noble Box project which aims to provide aid to struggling families during Christmas. So far, we have raised almost 70,000 PLN for the initiative.

Collecting plastic bottle caps is another action we do for charity. Until now, we have collected half a tonne of caps in aid of the Bez Tajemnic Foundation.

Additionally, every year, on the Blood Donor day, our employees donate blood.

We also help local NGOs such as a charity working with children suffering from cancer.

We maintain business relationships with charities (through providing software services in the NGO sector) and medical institutions – through cooperation with the Institute of Oncology in Gliwice and the Silesian Center for Heart Diseases.

A responsible leader

A responsible leader

We believe that through promoting best practice in software development and supporting people, we can positively contribute to their growth and, through that, the growth of a wider social wealth.
Technology is present in every area of our lives, after all.

We engage in events supporting the development of our region, through taking an active part in economic congresses, enterprise forums and meetings with start-ups. We run numerous educational initiatives, during which we share our knowledge and experience with representatives of other sectors, as well as people starting their careers.

We organise paid summer internships which considerably help students prepare for work.

A responsible inhabitant of the earth

A responsible inhabitant of the earth

We ensure that all new investments taking place at FP are done with a green approach.

At FP, we only implement solutions which have been attested and accepted for trade in the European Union.

We sort waste, collect used bulbs, batteries and electrical items, and plastic bottle caps are passed to charity.

We also care for the environment through conscious shopping for supplies.

We have introduced an energy saving programme in our buildings and have recuperators which limits our CO2 impact.

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