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Our people are so passionate about what they do that they share their knowledge at every possible occasion.

They devote their time to organise numerous conferences, which every year attract more and more people, not only from Poland but also from abroad. Of course we support them every step of the way, but it was their initiative that has brought these ideas into life.

So far, Future Processing organises:

Quality ExcitesAs quality is central to everything we do at Future Processing, it’s only natural for us to try to get more people excited by it. To achieve this, we organise a national conference under the same name – Quality Excites, which is a nationwide conference on software quality, dedicated to the professionals who use the newest technologies and the best practices. Year by year, the event attracts more and more people who are interested in Quality Assurance (QA) and who want to have a real influence on the field development. Read more.
Future Dev DayFDD is a conference aimed at programmers from Future Processing, who are all interested in the current trends in the IT industry. The conference came to life not only to satisfy their thirst for knowledge, but also to inspire them with lectures.
Deadline24Deadline24 is a programming marathon, aimed at promoting the knowledge of algorithms. Everyone can demonstrate knowledge, skills, creativity and perseverance. During the contest, the teams of three tackle algorithmic problems for 24 hours. We have been organising Deadline24 since 2009 in places closely related to Silesian tradition. Currently, it is an international competition and year by year it becomes more and more popular. Read more.
Best Practices of Software Development is a series of lectures divided into three blocks, five presentations in each, aimed at expanding students’ knowledge and competence in the field of software development, by presenting practical aspects of computer science. The speakers are our employees, who are specialists in their fields.
WUD SilesiaWUD Silesia is a part of the World Usability Day – an annual worldwide event, organised since 2005 in over 40 countries. WUD is dedicated to User Experience and its mission is to popularise the knowledge of designing usable products and services and to get a broader view on usability. Future Processing has been organising the conference until 2015. Now, the conference is an independent event which we proudly observe. Read more.


Those described above are only the biggest and regular events but Future Processing also gets involved in many others, such as IT Academic Days, UX Poland, Agile Silesia, BIT Festival, Case Week, Geek Carrots or New Media Day.

Apart from that, we take part in mini-conferences, give guest lectures at local contests and co-operate with universities. We have founded modern computer laboratories at University of Silesia and Technical University in Gliwice, in order to improve learning conditions of students and encourage them to broaden their knowledge and skills.

We also conduct our own specialisation – Quality Assurance Engineer at University of Silesia.

I am a graduate of Silesian University of Technology myself, and I have a huge fondness for it, but it is not only about that. Better equipment means better possibilities. It is important to educate skilled engineers, who will enter the market with the knowledge of new technologies. Some of them may work for us, some for other companies, but it certainly will benefit the cooperation between business and academia.

Jarosław Czaja, CEO

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