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If you are considering outsourcing, one of the most important factors you need to review is the location of your chosen partner.

Naturally, we think Poland is the place to go to.

It really does offer a compelling case, as you can see below.

Why Poland?

  • Economically and politically stable country and an EU member
  • In a similar time-zone as most of Europe which gives us the advantage to quickly respond to challenges and meet our Clients in person
  • We can visit our Clients in just a few hours and there are no delays because we don’t need visas to travel in Europe
  • Our working (and leisure) culture is very akin to our Clients’
  • Technical skills are incredibly strong in Poland, with many international award-winning developers


  • Near to some of Poland’s most renowned technical universities
  • Only 40 km from Katowice and 90 km from Krakow international airports
  • Only a 2-hour flight to major European cities, such as London, Dublin, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Oslo, Stockholm, Milan etc.
  • Direct flight connections to major European destinations
  • In close proximity to major country’s highways which enables us to travel quickly

Take a walk around our technological park. Get an insight into the

FP world and see how we work!

FPark buildings

Since the very beginning we’ve wanted Future Processing to be an exceptional place to work, where every opinion matters and there are no barriers for talent to progress. The FPark is not just an office space. It is tailored to the expectations of our team, which makes coming to work a real pleasure. It houses a library, a kindergarten, a restaurant, a spa and a fitness club.

We designed our conference rooms so that they help boost our creativity. To make our meetings more productive we can use, among others, the space room (because of course we love Star Wars!) or the green room decorated with the real moss!



Future Processing
ul. Bojkowska 37A
44-100 Gliwice


Future Processing Opole
ul. Ozimska 72A/1
45-310 Opole


Future Processing Ukraine
вул. Дружби 8
46000 Тернопіль, Ukraine
+38 067 440 68 95

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