Why your organization misses out when not using data it possesses
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14 reasons why your organisation is missing out when not using data it possesses

date: 23 September 2021
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The whole world revolves around data. Sounds like an exaggeration? It shouldn’t! The omnipresent Internet of Things and the global digital revolution which accelerated during the pandemic mean that every day we produce tons of data.

Or to be more precise, 2.5 quintillion data bytes daily! That number is likely to increase significantly: as found out by IBM, as much as 90% of all data was created in the last two years. How much will we create within the next five years, then?

Data on its own means nothing. But when analysed, it can change everything. A recent report by Bain&Co reveals that large organisations which are already using data analytics gained a significant lead over the rest of the corporate world and are outperforming their competitors.

Today there are a lot of companies that gather data but do not do it regularly. It’s possible that an organisation has loads of information saved in various formats and there is no idea how to use it. And the fact is that data is the true key to your company’s development and future success.

Let’s look into the reasons why data is so important and why your organisation may be missing out if not using it!

14 reasons why data is so important for your business

1. It helps make informed decisions

By analysing data, you create intelligence. And intelligence means knowing how to make the right decisions and how to grow your business.

2. It helps streamline your marketing strategy

Knowing more about your customers, their needs, expectations, and decision-making processes can help you build your marketing strategy so that it becomes more targeted and cost-effective. The future of marketing lies in targeting, so being able to reach your target audience at the right time is a key to success.

3. It allows you to keep your organisation healthy

Data analysis allows you to monitor the health of the systems used by your organisation and to respond to challenges before they escalate into serious problems. It also helps you understand your vulnerabilities.

4. It shows you how efficient you are

Data analysis allows you to see how efficient your current strategy is. By analysing data, you will be able to establish whether your organisation is performing as you want it to and whether you need to make any additional changes to achieve the results you are after.

5. It shows you the solutions and helps avoid problems

Analysing data helps you find the reasons for any problems you may have, as it shows you the connection between the things that are happening within your business and the results you are achieving. Knowing what’s going on in different parts of your organisation means you can draw conclusions and find effective solutions to your problems.

6. It gives you the arguments you need

If you need to convince your partners or the board to make a certain decision, having the right arguments is the best way to go about it. And there is no better argument than solid data showing relationships between the decisions that are to be made and results you are planning to achieve.

7. It eliminates the guessing game

With data analysis, you don’t need to rely on guessing when making changes to your organisation. It gives you information indicating which of the solutions you are inclining to go for is the best one.

8. It makes good use of your money

Knowing what kind of decisions and solutions will give you the results you are keen to achieve means you won’t need to invest in things that are not worth the money. Data analytics equips you with knowledge of where to invest and when to expect to see the results of your investment.

9. It allows you to set the right goals

By analysing your data, you make the process of setting the right goals for your business and objectives for your staff much easier. After all, when you know what you want to achieve and how to do it, it is easier to see what to do to achieve it and how to convince others to work to that goal.

10. It helps you improve your business and the lives of your customers

By analysing data, you will learn what to do to improve your organisation: its results, its goals, its atmosphere. But it will also help you establish how to make your customers’ lives much better: giving them what they expect to get is the main goal for most businesses. With data analysis, it is easier than ever.

11. It helps you predict the future

You can’t see the future of your organisation in a crystal ball. But when using data analysis, you can see the trends and patterns in your business and in the whole sector, making it easier for you to know what to expect in the future. And when you know what to expect you can be ready for it before your competition!

12. It helps generating new ideas

Data that is accessible across your entire organisation means all your employees can view it. And that means many of them will feel responsible for it and may be encouraged to come up with new ideas, both in terms of doing business and running the organisation. Also, by analysing trends, it may be much easier for you and your team to come up with new products and services.

13. It helps you understand your business and customers

Data analysis shows you exactly where your business stands and what your customers think about it. It is therefore a great tool to fully understand your true potential and to unleash it for your clients. This in consequence gives you a great advantage on the market and may help you become the leading figure in your sector.

14. It makes your manufacturing and production processes more efficient

By analysing data related to your manufacturing and production processes you can clearly see where they need improvement and how to achieve it, meaning you can make those processes more effective.

Ever thought of outsourcing your data analysis?

The importance of data analysis is unquestionable. But not all organisations have proper tools and skills to do it. This is why at Future Processing we offer advanced data science and engineering services: we process your data and give you the intelligence you need for your business to thrive.

Contact us today to speak about your business and how we can help you improve it!

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