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15 skyrocketing Polish IT companies to watch in 2022

date: 7 January 2022
reading time: 8 min

The Polish market is flourishing with IT companies. We compiled a list, in alphabetical order, of technology-related firms that you should keep your eyes on.

But first, let’s look at what makes Poland such a hub for talented development teams.

Polish software developers are among some of the most talented in the world. On a global ranking, Hackerrank put them in third place in terms of programming skills. Poland also boasts a huge talent pool of over 300,000 software developers.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed. Global giants akin to Intel are putting their bets on Poland. For instance, the largest CPU manufacturer decided to open a major Research & Development facility in the beautiful city of Gdansk.

Another tech giant, Microsoft, has announced a digital transformation plan for Poland to be implemented in the following years, rounding up at $1 billion. This is a part of a cloud venture whereby Microsoft will build data centres across the country.

As you can see, the Polish economic environment makes for some great conditions to be a tech entrepreneur.

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting IT companies in Poland!


Seeing that they specialise in the R&D sector, EMBIQ’s prime concern is to deliver state-of-the-art projects in accordance with the environment and people’s needs. Having completed numerous IoT, telemedicine, and smart city applications, EMBIQ is the way to go if you’re considering a partner for your R&D efforts. Quality is the priority of EMBIQ, so they work with the academic community to deliver perfectly-tailored projects. Apart from R&D, EMBIQ also specialises in the construction of electronic devices, as well as medical hardware.

Future Processing

One of the top players in the Polish custom software development market, Future Processing is a company with a 21-year old tradition of delivering great products. With over 600 projects completed, there’s quite the portfolio to boast about. By establishing an exceptional company culture, they managed to create an agile, modern work environment that no firm would pass by indifferently. Future Processing has been enlisted among the best software development company in Poland by Clutch and awarded by numerous organisations including the GSA.
The customer software development company offers services related to digital transformation consultancy and implementation, digital strategy, data science, Cloud computing, business intelligence, product design (UX, UI), software development, and numerous workshops to expand your IT knowledge.


As gathered from multiple job offers, Inwedo is one of the fastest-growing software houses in Poland. Being an avid practitioner of agile methodology, Inwedo’s team delivers excellent results in a short time. They fear no challenge, as it’s treated as an opportunity to grow. Inwedo goes above and beyond to provide quality services, from start to finish, in all aspects. They offer a wide variety of IT-related solutions, including UX/UI design, product development, web applications, and business process optimisation worldwide.


Since 2005, ITBoom offers its services concerning Microsoft-related IT solutions. Achieving Microsoft Gold Partnership right at the beginning, ITBoom has grown considerably, completing almost 600 projects for 112 customers. Using state-of-the-art technology, they offer original applications, as well as B2B and eCommerce web development. Still, ITBoom’s primary strength is software based on Microsoft technology. Whether you need to incorporate Microsoft Dynamics 365 or deploy Office and Sharepoint to your internal infrastructure, you can’t go wrong with ITBoom. Knowing the way around Azure, too, they also offer comprehensive Cloud services. ITBoom has served a lot of prominent companies such as Auchan, Danone and Castorama.


Authoring multiple award-winning applications, itCraft is one of the most distinguished software development service providers out there. For ten years, they’ve been providing excellent-quality projects, mostly concerning healthcare and B2B. itCraft’s services include mobile app development, machine learning, UI/UX design, mobile marketing, and QA. They’ve worked with major companies like Rossmann, Deloitte, and DHL, scoring vastly positive reviews and testimonials. Having more than 80 experts on board, itCraft can quickly deliver projects in agile methodology and at a significant scale.


A Katowice-based software company, Iteo offers comprehensive services concerning end-to-end outsource software development. Having won multiple awards, they’ve worked for clients such as Rossmann, Deloitte, and Inpost. From discussing your ideas, through full-stack agile development, to support and maintenance, Iteo has it all. They have more than nine years of experience in creating top-quality mobile and web software development projects. Apart from your regular custom software development services, Iteo also offers staff augmentation in case you lack specific skills in your in-house team.


Torun-based Leaware offers comprehensive solutions for all of your custom software development needs. Founded in 2010, they have delivered multiple projects, mostly ranging from mobile applications, cloud-based web development, DevOps, and QA. Leaware’s team is keen on using the latest technology for their tasks, including Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and a variety of mobile-native systems, such as React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter, to deliver the best possible mobile experience. Leaware’s mission is to provide software solutions that work at all stages of product development.


A custom software development company founded in 2006 by three passionate developers, Polcode has been going upwards ever since its humble beginnings at a great rate. Now having over 150 specialists working for them, Polcode has been distinguished by Clutch and got placed among 1000 best B2B service providers. They offer services that cover the entire development process, from design to maintenance. Polcode is much more than coding, having created a great company culture to make sure that the work environment is as pleasant as possible. More than 1300 projects completed for 800 clients speaks for itself. The services offered by Polcode are web development, eCommerce, and business solutions.

Revolve Healthcare

Having been founded in 2015, Revolve Healthcare is relatively new in the IT market. Still, they’ve managed to catch up with the major players by having delivered multiple projects of great quality. From software helping with the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, through a system dedicated for psychologists, to an application that facilitates the delivery process of blood sample data to labs, Revolve has completed projects that actually matter. Their scope of work covers the entire process — UX design, full-stack development, project management, mobile apps, and maintenance.


Stermedia was established in 2009, and their primary asset is Artificial Intelligence. Their data scientists are among the best in the business, so AI is their main focus for six years now. Technology like Natural Language Processing, Deep Data Analysis, and Image, Video, and Voice Processing feels like home to Stermedia. All of their professionals are graduates, and they’ve based their workflows on agile methodology. Apart from AI services, Stermedia also offers a wide range of software development and product design solutions, including business analytics, UX/UI design, and web & mobile applications. They’ve helped multiple prominent brands like Volkswagen and Workservice to improve their efficiency, as well as developed an AI-based oncology diagnostics system.

Software Interactive (Softint)

Based in Gliwice, one of the Polish technological hubs, SoftInt pride themselves in computer vision, autonomous car software, R&D projects, as well as cloud-based web systems. Since 2007, they’ve grown to be a team of 50 employees working on the highest-quality projects for Audi, Comarch, and Kjosk. Softint has made smart city, autonomous cars, and 3D visualisation more achievable. Boasting impressive projects like the world-first real-time mobile 3D scanner and a business partner association platform, SoftInt can be seen as a synonym for quality, innovation, and deliverability.

STX Next

Being the largest European Python software house, STX Next has helped considerable clients such as Unity, Decathlon, and Mastercard with their projects. They have 15 years of experience and provide end-to-end development, team extension, and consulting. Having more than 350 professionals on board, STX Next is capable of delivering outstanding projects in a short amount of time. Over the years, they have served over 130 clients, and their average partnership length is three years. STX Next’s main areas of expertise are machine learning, fintech, and Big Data. Still, even though they call themselves Python software house, they also offer QA, as well as React Native and JavaScript development.

Transition Technologies PSC

Specialising in digital transformation, Transition Technologies PSC makes the future readily available for businesses. Using cutting-edge technology, they help companies in IoT, Product Lifecycle Management, R&D, Cloud solutions, Atlassian brand products, and Augmented Reality. Being partnered up with Microsoft, Amazon, Atlassian, and Google, they’re sure to provide the best possible solutions. TTPSC is a large company, employing more than 2000 professionals on three continents, which makes the delivery of even the most significant and complex projects entirely possible within a reasonable amount of time.

White Label Coders

Founded in 2006, Professional WordPress, WooCommerce and Digital transformation development company headquartered in Poland. White Label Coders help their nearshore and overseas partners grow their business and revenue by offering hassle-free software development services. With over 600 projects and a team of 45 professionals, WLC offers top-quality, agile and database-driven application development. The company provides partnership experience, transparency and direct communication together with a proactive approach to business.


Founded in 2018, WorkItNow is both a platform associating over 600 software developers and a software house. You can either hire professionals tailored precisely to your needs or have WorkItNow’s team develop your project end-to-end. Using agile methodology, WorkItNow delivers top-quality web & mobile applications, back-end systems, enterprise solutions, and Artificial Intelligence projects at a fast pace. They also offer Cloud services based on AWS and Azure. WorkItNow’s IT Body Leasing services allow you to pick out the professionals who are the exact right people for the job. As an IT company, WorkItNow also provides consultancy concerning financial and technology industries.


While these are certainly not all the promising Polish IT companies, we did our best to pick out the golden nuggets from among them all. Seeing that there’s such an abundance of different partners to choose from, choosing only fifteen is a difficult task. Still, this is who we think is currently the best in terms of innovation, deliverability, and sheer skill set.

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Last updated: January 2022

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