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3 technology niches to carve out your way to the top!

date: 8 September 2015
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We all find ourselves pondering over the technologies that enter the market every day. Especially when they happen to be the creations of aspiring start-ups.

If you are currently looking for the field to grow in, then this blog post is for you. We will try to show you the best technology niches for now and we hope you’ll find them helpful. The market changes quickly and that is the reason why it’s best to find a field that has potential to be developed throughout next years.

Health industry

Usually the one we all wish to be more out there. As we mentioned in our blog post concerning IoT, there are many novelties coming out. The plans are from wearable devices monitoring patients’ state, to meticulously designed beds that take care of people in hospitals. However, that is just the beginning because patients’ specific needs depend not only on the type of their illness, but also on the place they live in.

Environmental industry

It is obviously impossible to control the climate and the environment. However, some changes or disruptions may easily be predicted. This is the niche that companies should really focus on.  Also, since we all try to live healthier and take care of the world around us, the so called ‘Green’ technology may become significant because we all want to live more eco-friendly lives. The devices measuring pollution levels or predicting upcoming storms or hurricanes have already been released. Therefore, it is possible to improve upon them and make them even more innovative.

Education industry

The times of inkwell and a quill pen are over. Education sector is developing rapidly and what is more, it is expected to do so in the future. Parents are willing to spend their money on their children’s future and they will most likely be interested in innovations facilitating it. Wearables optimising kids’ knowledge on every stage of their education, innovative resources in the classrooms and new personalised tools that help them develop may be the biggest hits may be the way to go.

Technology market changes incredibly fast and innovations appear every day. Whichever industry seems interesting to you, you better ‘grab’ it first to stay ahead and get competitive advantage.


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