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3 things I’ve learnt from Mobile App Europe

date: 23 October 2015
reading time: 2 min

At the end of September I had a chance to take part in Mobile App Europe – an international conference dedicated to passionate mobile app experts and professionals.

This year’s topics concerned mainly applying innovative knowledge to mobile app management, marketing, design, development and testing.

What I’ve learned during these 2 days in Potsdam? Well, apart from the great talks and keynotes, which were very educative, I have some afterthoughts I would like to share.

  1. Less means more

I used to think that the more people the better, the bigger networking opportunities, the more lessons to learn.

Mobile App Europe proved me wrong. There were around 50 people present at the event. It would seem like a small number, but believe me it was just enough. All the participants were willing to talk, integrated with each other and eagerly shared their experience.

  1. Divide and conquer

It is very often the case that conferences, even though focused on one topic, encompass a range of smaller lectures dedicated to different people.

Mobile App Europe decided to divide the lectures and address them to different groups, i.e.: Quality Assurance, Development, Management, and Marketing. This way you know exactly where to go and you don’t waste time listening about things that don’t concern you.

There is also another advantage of such solution – you sit in one room with people, who share your interests. Networking has never been easier.

  1. Automated testing is on the rise

I have been to a fair share of conferences and what I’ve noticed on this one it is the fact that more and more companies focus on developing automated mobile testing. The conference was dominated by keynotes focused on this very area, therefore I think that this trend may be one to watch in the upcoming months.


There you have it. This is not all of course, but these are the three most important things that come to my mind after Mobile App Europe.

What do you think about the above points? Do you agree with any of my afterthoughts?

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