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5 reasons why your company needs intranet. Immediately.

date: 31 March 2015
reading time: 3 min

Imagine you have access to all your data and the latest versions of documents. In addition to discussion feeds, news, recent photos and surveys. If you have a problem, solution is just one click away. And then…you can show your appreciation by sending a kudo card. Interested?

This is all possible thanks to intranet – a private network within the company, which is available for employees. It can be accessed only by specially selected IDs, using password. Many companies use it to store documents for general, internal use. Also, it enables constant communication between employees. Most companies choose Microsoft SharePoint software as their intranet solution. However, there are also plenty of other options, like DruPal or IBM Websphere.

Why intranet?

1. Increase your productivity

New Client, changes in the schedule or problems with the conference room on the 2nd floor? Intranet guarantees instant access to all the crucial information and frequent updates on company’s events.  The type of information that you can publish is very diverse, it may be something really important or just FYIs sent by individuals looking for a lift to the city centre.

2. Express your opinion

Lively discussion on various topics? Not a problem. Most intranets have a discussion segment, thanks to which you can share your opinion with your colleagues. It also allows co-workers to ask for assistance. Sometimes, having many pieces of advice in one place can really make your daily work easier.

3. Collaborate with your team

Sense of togetherness – that’s what can make intranet a vital tool in your workplace. It brings people, who usually don’t see each other on the corridors. It gives them a chance to collaborate, come up with strategic initiatives, share experience (especially when they are in different projects) or look for a solution to a problem. Apart from all this, you can also take a peek at internal projects or comment on articles and in-house publications. That’s an easy way to get more engaged.

4. Have an easy access

Remember the time when all your documents were printed and kept in thousands of folders? Not only was it almost impossible to find the one you actually need, but it also took quite a lot of shelve space. Intranet allows us to store and view key documents, manuals and data via web browser. You no longer need to keep it in your desk’s drawer. What’s most important, it always provides the most recent version of documents, because it is a single place where all employees update the documents. They may be public or access to them can be restricted for some employees. Also, this most definitely saves money, not to mention the environment.

5. Protect your culture

Intranet helps sustaining the culture of the workplace. Materials posted there are usually perfectly matched to the company’s philosophy. Users can unwind reading internal blogs, see photos showing everyday life of the company or submit their opinions on newsfeeds by completing surveys.

Intranet is a great help in running a company. It provides employees with crucial information and access to important data, giving them a chance to get really engaged in their workplace. It is also a perfect tool for CEOs, since it helps monitor the company’s situation and gather employees’ opinions. As you can see, intranet is most definitely a must-have. As H. Ford said ‘Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.’

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