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5 tips for successful bespoke software development

date: 8 December 2015
reading time: 3 min

Do you often find yourself on the verge of making an important decision? You carefully consider all pros and cons and finally don't do anything because you are overwhelmed with doubts and 'what ifs'.

Bespoke software development is without a doubt a difficult decision to make, therefore we want to help you make this process as smooth as possible!

Below you’ll find 5 tips for success, based on what helped our Clients go through the process.

1. Know your goal

Do you want your business to grow? Or maybe you wish to gain more customers? No matter the reason, bespoke will most definitely help you achieve your goals, since it is adjusted to your specific needs.

Off-the-shelf solutions, on the other hand, are generic and are usually used by a large number of companies, including your competitors.

2. Embrace bespoke

Bespoke software is for companies that understand their business and want to ease up every day processes. And these goals can easily be achieved since it is designed according to your needs and requirements. It also has the functionalities you’d asked for.

Off-the shelf software comes with many unnecessary features. Not only do you have to pay for them, but they also slow the whole system down.

3. Express your needs

Only by having a good and open relationship with your developer you’ll be fully satisfied with your software. Give your developers as many details about your enterprise as possible. Communicate your doubts, ask questions, and present them with your initial idea. Remember that it is you who have the biggest impact on the development process and the outcome.

This is something that is impossible with off-the-shelf software. Since you receive a ready product and it is your responsibility to learn how to work with it and adjust it to your needs, which sometimes may require buying additional components.

4. Choose wisely

Always remember to use only experienced, professional developers, who will listen to you and provide you with a stable, high quality product – before making your choice, do your research. It is also quite wise to check company’s references before making up your mind. What is more, well-chosen professional development team will always try to help you with upgrades, updates and common problems.

5. Get support

Support is something that likes to be taken as a secondary matter. However, when it is finally needed it may come with vast cost. This is usually the case with off-the-shelf products and what is even worse, you need to hang on the phone to receive valuable customer service information. Therefore, once you choose bespoke software development, make sure your partner provides support services as well. This will guarantee on-going assistance and the necessary solutions will be just few clicks away.

We hope that after reading our 5 tips it will be easier for you to decide on bespoke software development without any doubts. So, don’t second-guess yourself any longer and give your company a competitive edge!

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