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800 employees – from office to remote in just 24 hours

date: 31 March 2020
reading time: 1 min

Moving the whole company to remote work is a challenge and a real test of its flexibility. How long does it take to adjust to a new situation? As a company of 800 employees, we managed to do it in just 24 hours.

As we are from the tech branch we have always had an opportunity of working remotely available for our employees. It is why we already had IT services related to it working and well known to our people.

On the other hand, on the everyday basis, there are no more than 200 of us at home office and we knew we had to modify the existing infrastructure so it can withstand the load of 800 people working remotely at the same time.

Adam Gaca, our IT Operations Manager, described the whole process and shared tips&tricks that made it possible without interfering with the work continuity.

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