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A guide to digital product design – the process, the activities, and the best practices

date: 1 December 2022
reading time: 3 min read

In today’s competitive software market there is no space for error. App users are spoilt for choice with well-thought-out, intuitive software providing them with seamless experiences.

So, if they don’t find your product desirable, they will abandon it immediately and move to the next one.

What stands behind those beautiful, simple app screens are months of analysis, research, prototyping, testing, and a strong team of specialists from areas such as business analysis, user experience (UX), user interface (UI), software development, quality assurance (QA), security and others.

Digital product design process needs preparation and with this document, we bring you a quick introduction to some of the activities and best practices. Our most important recommendation is – don’t start without solid digital product design knowledge and experience.

Download our guide and learn more about digital product design. 20 pages of knowledge from which you will find out:

  • how the digital product design process should look like,
  • the activities you should consider in your digital product design journey,
  • the best practices to follow.

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