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A software solution for schools – our cooperation with Pulsion Technology

date: 19 May 2015
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Pulsion Technology initially approached us to deliver a software solution which would be utilized within Scottish schools. 

The result of our work with Pulsion Technology is EVA – customisable software supporting self-evaluation as part of the schools inspection regime in Scotland. The evaluation process includes input from both parents and teachers. We have also provided the Client with a webpage, where a suite of reports can be accessed.

Since the product had to be built from scratch, the team had to prepare a solid foundation. It was possible because of extensive support within the company. With regard to technical matters, they could count on our Technical Expertise team and a Technical Advisor. In terms of agile, they were supported by an Agile Coach.

The true reason for the project’s success was the openness and close cooperation of each member of the team – they supported, motivated and helped each other, and also exchanged constructive criticism, looking for ways to improve working together. This approach definitely helped to achieve the common goal.

We wanted to reach the right balance, which lies somewhere between delivering the functionality to the customer within a specified time, and technical perfection, which is usually sought by software engineers. Our team was able to achieve such a compromise, in which the technical part was carried out in a good and complete manner, while delivering the appropriate functionality in time.

We are particularly proud of this project because of its range – as we were responsible for delivering the entire solution, we were able to offer a whole range of skills to include graphic design and UX engineers – thereby reducing the burden on the Client from an internal resource perspective.

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