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date: 6 September 2021
reading time: 2 min

Are your current technology and systems enough to do the job you need? Are you planning to optimise your existing resources, to upgrade your services or are you going through a complex digital transformation of your business?

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, companies have to cope with the new reality without prior planning and preparation. This feels like the beginning of a new era when technological strategies no longer refer to planning each change step by step, but to maintaining the highest level of adaptability, creativity, and resilience under all conditions. It’s a great step to make, but one that has to be well planned as well.

Today, technology plays a key role in shaping business strategy and, consequently, the role of an IT leader has been growing in importance for the whole company.

IT leaders are now engaged in driving strategic initiatives and creating value for the company and are no longer confined to only cater to organisational needs.

And software product design capabilities are irreplaceable in achieving these goals.

Download our whitepaper, get free tools like Product Design Checklist, RFP template, specification template pack and read about:

  • the changing role of IT C-level executives,
  • Software Product Design and how it can help with your projects,
  • various workshops and valuable competencies with which you can accelerate your digital transformation.

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