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AI for all: breaking down barriers and building bridges

date: 12 October 2023
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Over the years, we have shared knowledge and supported local communities in better understanding technology. Now our mission is to educate individuals over 50 about how using AI-based search engines can benefit their daily lives.

Do you know Sharon? We interviewed her during a survey for the “Understanding AI” campaign. She’s among the nearly 1 in 3 consumers in the UK aged 50 and above who have seamlessly incorporated AI voice assistants into their daily lives, relying on them as steadfast companions. She’s also part of the 40% of UK citizens in her age group who actively use and plan to continue using customer service chatbots, embracing their convenience.

Understanding AI: a tech revolution for all ages

At the same time, Sharon is among the 35% who remain puzzled by the concept of an AI Image Generator. She has heard the term mentioned in news articles and discussions about the rise of misinformation, but she hasn’t delved deeply into understanding the mechanics behind AI Image Generators.

Sharon – like 70% of her peers – believes such matters should be explained more thoroughly to the public. And to be exact – in her opinion, it’s technology companies, who should take care of that.

Do you feel like you know Sharon now? If you think so, please accept our apologies. Sharon only exists statistically. Nevertheless, she’s a quintessential representative of the generation 50+ in the UK.

At over 50 years old, Sharon embodies the statistical realities of her peers. Her story illustrates the multi-faceted landscape of tech adoption, awareness, and curiosity that defines a generation that’s rewriting the rules of digital engagement.

Tech’s responsibility: making AI accessible to all generations

In a world where technology advances constantly, certain demographics, like the one Sharon belongs to, often struggle to keep up. This creates a major obstacle for those groups, as they can easily fall behind in technological knowledge and skills.

Researchers have long noted a significant digital divide between older and younger adults when it comes to technology use. A rigorous research analysis highlights the urgency of bridging this generational gap to ensure equal access and empowerment in our increasingly digital society. And, with the advancement of AI tools, there’s a concern that this gap could expand even more.

That’s why Future Processing initiated the “Understanding AI” campaign.

Our company’s goal is to bridge the technology gap between generations, with a particular focus on people aged 50 and older who need to learn the basics of artificial intelligence.

Future Processing takes note: inclusivity in AI education matters

The “Understanding AI” campaign, launched by Future Processing in August 2023, aims to make AI technology more accessible and understandable to those who may feel overwhelmed by its complexity. The goal of the action is to make educational resources available to 50+ age groups so that they can better understand and appreciate artificial intelligence.

A survey of more than 2000 respondents aged over 50 in Great Britain formed the basis of the campaign. The study was conducted at the beginning of 2003, just after the boom in AI tools began.

The knowledge necessary to create the “Understanding AI” project was shared by Krzysztof Szabelski (Head of the Technology Department), Dominik Samociuk (PhD, Head of Security) and Marek Olczyk (Team Leader and Technology Expert). The campaign was inspired by Małgorzata Świerad (Public Relations Specialist) and Jarosław Kacprzak (Public Relations Manager).

AI unveiled: empowering non-techies and the 50+ generation

The survey conducted by Future Processing in the UK revealed a prevalent sentiment among respondents aged 50 and older. As the example of our statistically created Sharon showed, more than two-thirds of UK respondents aged 50 and above believe that technology companies do not do enough to help customers understand AI. This collective sentiment underscores the necessity for enhanced engagement in fostering an understanding of AI.

According to the survey, 73% of those surveyed stated technology companies need to offer more support to help customers understand AI. The demand for this service indicates a proactive attempt of generation 50+ to bridge the gap between technological advancement and accessible understanding.

The survey also underscores an interesting perception, with 60% of consumers aged 50 and above believing that technology companies are responsible for helping them understand AI. This could signify a symbiotic relationship wherein users seek guidance, and technology providers stand to benefit by nurturing digital literacy. An informed technological future might depend on the call for support in this evolving landscape.

Do you want to know more about Sharon’s understanding of artificial technology and how she uses it? What is her and her peers’ biggest concern when it comes to chatbots? Join us on Sharon’s journey as we work together to bridge the generational divide, ensuring that AI becomes an empowering force for all, regardless of their age or tech-savvy. Together, we’ll pave the way for a more inclusive and informed future.

Stay tuned for more posts on Sharon and “Understanding AI”.

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