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Are we stepping in the drone-era?

date: 1 September 2015
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Drone phenomena entered the market full-time quite recently and seems to be here to stay. Drones’ potential is so enormous that we don’t fully grasp it yet. So, how can drones influence the industry and, most importantly, our personal lives?

Drones originated in military in 1960’, where they were used to trace vehicles during the Vietnam War. These were the prototypes of what we now call a drone.

Currently, drones, also known as unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs), can be spotted everywhere. They are used in daily lives to take pictures during important events or even to take a generic selfie. However, they are particularly used in many other, more professional fields.

Demand for drones is thriving, most construction sites and land management companies use them for aerial mapping, energy companies rely on them to increase people’s safety and efficiency, whereas cinematography uses them to film documentaries or particular scenes that otherwise would be difficult to access.

This is not all because many more industries plan to invest in drones in the following years. Among them are chip companies or defense contractors.

However, flying commercial drones can still be illegal and many actions are forbidden. Any filming, goods delivery or even crop-spraying cannot be done without a permission from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This is a pity, because companies like Google and Amazon planned to deliver their parcels using drones.
These restrictions are needed, though. FAA wants to protect the citizens from being spied on or hurt. A few weeks back, illegal drones delayed the firefighting in Southern Carolina because they interfered with official planes that couldn’t perform the rescue procedures. Similar situation happened in Poland few weeks back, when Lufthansa plane almost crashed with illegally piloted drone. These are only recent examples, but you can clearly see that drones may have led to a serious accident.

Drones are clearly becoming a ‘toy’ of today which may speed up many processes resulting in faster time to market. Let’s just hope that in time,  we will be able to fully experience their possibilities.

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