What are the benefits of seeing an IT development company as a partner?

date: 30 June 2020
reading time: 6 min

Have you ever thought about how the kind of relationship that you have with an IT development company can shape your entire cooperation? It’s clearly different when you see them as just a supplier versus when you treat them like a partner. But first things first! Let’s see how we can distinguish one from the other.

For us, an IT supplier is just a subcontracting body that follows your instructions – without the capacity to become a vital part of your decision-making process, as their credibility is rather limited. They may deliver software in accordance with the requirements that you’ve provided but you wouldn’t want them to advise you, or help you steer your project in the right direction because you know that you are much more knowledgeable than they are on a strategic level. 

An IT partner, on the other hand, is an organisation that proactively supports your business in IT development to not only deliver a solution – but to make the most of it. They take pride in your success just as if it were their own personal achievement. They are able to formulate sound advice and suggest customised solutions in order to provide you with the most effective software. 
In other words, the basic difference between a supplier and a partner is in the level of trust that you can place in them. So, what are the advantages of cooperating with a partner? We can divide these into two groups: the measurable and immeasurable.

Measurable benefits

  • Added value

When an IT company feels just as responsible for the success of your project as you do, the cooperation brings added value to your entire development process. It’s not just about delivering a final product; it’s also about coming up with new ideas and innovations, acting as an advisor, and swiftly reacting to changes in the market. Basically, a technology partner is a flexible software provider, think tank and support center – all in one. 
s a result, you can invest less energy and involve less of your own resources, since your software development process is in the capable hands of the right specialists – not only developers and designers, but also system architects and project managers. 

  • Highly efficient software 

Since your partner has the ability to challenge you and question your judgement in order to steer your project in the right direction, you not only get what you want, but also what you really need. The point is to hire a company with more experience, more knowledge, and much broader technical expertise than you possess. Don’t be afraid to bet on someone who is simply better in the technology field. 

Surprisingly, many clients want to have the job done with blinders on, not allowing anyone to correct or make adjustments to their projects, which are often built on the wrong assumptions. This is a sign of seeing an IT development company as just a supplier. If, instead, the clients were to treat them like a partner – they could then benefit from their judgement, and get the most efficient and functional software possible, well-adapted to both their needs and/or the external conditions. 

  • Significant savings 

An IT partner always provides you with the most optimal solutions. Their broad range of knowledge and years of experience allow them to quickly find the best options and also detect many risks well in advance. What does this mean to you? It means you could cut a lot of unnecessary costs and avoid many potential problems that would have been in store for you in the future, along with any unplanned expenses. 

This approach increases the chances of project success while staying on budget. You won’t spend money on things that you don’t really need, or time exploring areas that would only cause trouble. 

Other (no less important) benefits

  • Access to technical expertise 

Your IT partner (not just a supplier) works with many experts from various fields of technology. They may even have an entire team dedicated to discovering new trends, adopting the most promising ones, and passing this knowledge onto other specialists within a partner organisation. Take advantage of this. This is a great opportunity to get the support that you need whenever you have any doubts or a new idea.

  • Higher reliability and predictability 

A good IT partner is characterised by numerous attributes that inspire trust, like integrity, transparency, open communication and loyalty. They act in accordance with established, mature processes, which minimises the risk of any unwelcome surprises due to unexpected events and circumstances. They know that changes may occur at any time and that following certain rules and procedures is what allows them to be prepared, so they can make the proper modifications to a project, should this be necessary. Such a reliable and predictable partnership is worth your company’s weight in gold, allowing you to sleep soundly at night, knowing that your business credibility is covered. 

  • Adjusting to your business

More often than not, an ordinary supplier is not flexible enough to adapt to your changing needs and requirements. Your IT partner is. They have the ability to swiftly scale up or down, switch between technologies and, in a broad sense, adjust to your business, not the other way around. 

If you treat the IT company that you work with like a partner – you won’t be left twisting in the wind once the project is finished. You’ll receive all the necessary support, including training sessions on software functionality, and assistance during emergencies. Maintenance services are also included. There’s no need to worry that they will disappear right after the job is done, as their business model is based on nurturing long-term relationships with customers so that they can continue to run a number of other projects together. 

  • Atmosphere of cooperation 

And last but not least – it’s important for any cooperation to not only be highly professional and satisfying for both sides, but also warm and friendly. A pleasant atmosphere, based on mutual respect and not rivalry, is a strong motivating factor for the entire team. Something that works as a driving force behind getting the job done, and also lays the foundation for future initiatives. This atmosphere influences each of the individual specialists involved, making them really want to be honest, proactive and attentive to details.

To sum up

Seeing a software development company as merely a supplier is simply failing to exploit their potential to the fullest. You can miss many emerging opportunities, and lose out on both money and the chance to achieve something significant. Changing this attitude and treating the IT company that you work with like a partner can be a groundbreaking move, one that uncovers a lot of hidden options for your business so you can take it to the next level. 

Quality partnerships like this often turn into strategic alliances, helping a business complete not only a single project but also guide it through the entire digital transformation process, which is both long-term and complex. The chances of achieving this alone, with no experience or in-depth knowledge whatsoever, are close to zero, so it’s extremely important to make the most of your cooperation. 

If you’re interested in beginning a partnership like this, don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s talk about the ideas that you have in mind and the possibilities that we can unlock, together. 

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