Best innovative Swiss companies to watch
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Best innovative Swiss companies to watch

date: 10 December 2020
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Switzerland, apart from their gorgeous landscapes filled with mountains, lakes, and forests, is also a prominent technological hub. Mostly due to their great socio-economic situation, autonomy and a strong and independent currency, the Swiss have managed to launch lots of inventive projects that you should keep an eye on.

Primarily in fintech, but also in sectors such as biotechnology, electronics and mechanics, cybersecurity, and management, there are plenty of noteworthy players that are likely to bring a lot of innovations not only to the technological world but also to our day-to-day life.

In fact, Switzerland, according to the Global Innovation Index’s 2020 report, is in the first place worldwide when it comes to innovation economies for high-income groups. Switzerland is one of the quickest software developing countries in the world.

Most of the startups are based in Zurich. However, there’s one city that, according to Meetup, has one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in Europe – the growth of the number of attendees per meetup in Zug is astonishing – 177% increase each year. That’s the largest in Europe.

Check the most interesting, innovative companies from Switzerland you’ll want to look out for in 2021:


Exeon is a cybersecurity startup based in Zurich, whose team originates from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). They hire plenty of qualified data scientists, machine learning specialists, white-hat hackers and network security experts to provide the best cybersecurity solutions. The main point of interest in their offer is ExeonTrace, an AI-based platform dedicated to monitoring security, detecting cyber attacks reliably, and protecting data.

Crypto Finance AG

Crypto Finance is another Zug-based company that offers innovations in terms of fintech and blockchain technology. Founded in 2017, their mission is to “facilitate the implementation of blockchain technology in the global economy through a range of high-quality financial services.” They have offices in Zurich, although originate from Zug’s Crypto Valley, which is one of the world’s biggest crypto-economic hubs. Large firms such as NASDAQ, Bloomberg and Die Welt have put their trust in them to revolutionise the financial world with blockchain technology.


Pexapark, founded in 2017 and based in Zurich, offers management and advisory software for renewable energy sales. They provide a comprehensive risk management system ranging from research and analytics to eventual power sales execution. Pexapark has a team of qualified advisors that have already supported 60 large transactions with the volume of over 10 gigawatts. Pexapark, with 20+ years of experience in the renewable energy industry, help assess risks with software, and created a community for crucial industry players.


Created in 2017, Sonect aims at making withdrawing money more convenient. Their technology allows for any shop to become a virtual ATM. Sonect’s app enables shop owners not only to have a possibility to turn their cash register into an ATM but also reduces bank processing costs, gathers new customers and provides free withdrawals. Furthermore, the process is completely secure and requires no additional hardware. Another one of Sonect’s initiatives is helping banks expand into new territories with their application.


Founded back in 2016 by the security researchers from ETH Zurich, Futurae specialises in cybersecurity. More specifically, their main goal is to provide safe authentication methods that don’t affect user experience. Futurae has been listed among most innovative companies of 2020 and has been trusted by e.g. Santander, Swisscom and Clear Minds.


SwissDeCode was launched in 2016, and their mission is to help secure the global food supply chain by enabling farmers to mass-produce safe-to-eat food. They detect adulterants and contamination by quick DNA analysis. SwissDeCode has been able to determine any issues with food safety early in the supply chain so that suppliers could avoid food recalls and improve the trust of the customers.


Daedalean, a Zurich-based startup, specialises in autonomous piloting systems for any type of civil aircraft. Founded in 2016, they consist of a highly experienced 40-people team with eight PhDs and seven pilots on board. Their technology is based on the most cutting-edge innovations involving neural networks, computer vision and deep learning. Daedalean’s mission is to reduce the qualification needs for pilots, as well as lower the workload on piloted and remote-controlled aircraft. Daedalean offers compatibility, complete situational awareness, and mission control that respects all dynamic constraints.

These are not the only promising companies from Switzerland that are likely to shake the technological world.

Switzerland has some of the best conditions for startups to emerge. It is a prosperous and stable country that has plenty of top technological universities that constantly produce new talent. Switzerland has, in fact, one of the most promising economies for innovations. For this reason, we can assume that Swiss tech companies are likely to produce world-revolutionising solutions in the coming years.

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