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Big Data in healthcare – how can it help us?_
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Even though healthcare has already improved and developed to cater to our needs, it can still do better and, thanks to Big Data, these changes will appear faster. What are they?

Big Data means gathering information in order to analyse almost every aspect of our lives so as to make it better. The population of the world is growing,

The population of the world is growing, environment is getting more polluted, new types of diseases appear, the rates of incidence increase, and so on.

This is the very reason why we need Big Data to make our world a safer and healthier place to live.

What exactly does it do?

By gathering data, we are able to predict epidemics which, even though we’re living in the 21st century, still happen quite often. What is more, it helps cure diseases and prevent deaths. All due to analysing recurrence patterns of particular cases and learning on them.

Each patient comes with a certain volume of data which enables doctors to understand the case better and leaves them with indicators for the future. This very knowledge drives them to understand as much as possible, read potential warnings on the early stages or predict problems.

Does Big Data have tangible helpers?

Smartphones and wearables gather various types and amounts of data.

The applications on these devices measure, for example, the calories you burn, kilometres you’ve walked or your heart rate. Even though this data may seem simple, it allows your doctor to ‘get to know’ you and your health condition better.

Additionally, this very data is used to combine further, more general, diagnostics about people’s health and habits, to draw a comprehensive picture of a typical Joe.

All to even better adjust the devices inside the hospitals and hospitals themselves.

The influence of Big Data cannot be underestimated since it can play a vital role in helping us overcome hurdles that were difficult to overcome years ago. And let us ask you: is there anything more important than our health?


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