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Bionic lenses – a breakthrough in ophthalmology

date: 30 June 2015
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Have you ever dreamt of clear and perfect vision? If you thought this is impossible then you are in for a big surprise.

Dr. Garth Webb of Ocumetics Technology Corp may be able to make your dreams come true. Bionic Lenses, because this is the subject of this article, have been presented during Cataract and Refractive Surgery Conference. Their development took eight years and cost $3 million dollars in research and trials.

What is even more astonishing, the whole procedure takes only 8 minutes and is extraordinarily simple because it is carried out just like a cataract surgery. The Bionic Lens is submerged in the saline solution. The moment it touches the eye’s surface it unfolds and sticks to it. Right away the eyesight is corrected and ‘brand-new’.

What is more, it is much safer than traditional Lasik. Webb claims it strengthens the natural lens. The surgery can be performed without the need to stay in a hospital overnight. It is also bound to prevent patients from cataracts in the following years.

The surgery will be a perfect choice for those wearing spectacles wearing spectacles on a daily basis. However, it won’t be on the market until 2017, because it still needs trial rounds.

Even though, we can definitely say that we are witnessing a major breakthrough!

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