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How to built a robust project management portal using SharePoint Online?

date: 24 May 2016
reading time: 2 min

Barlow Interiors recognised that they were using a system that didn’t support their needs. When the license came up for review, instead of extending it, they decided to bring on board Future Processing to deliver a portal, enabling Barlow Interiors to manage several hundred projects which they run for their clients.

The portal we developed is based entirely on SharePoint Online, which is a powerful and complex suite of software that optimises all of the benefits of an intranet: gathering people within the organisation, allowing effective management as well as ensuring compliance with health and safety.

It is bound to help Barlow Interiors increase transparency, optimise business processes and improve both internal and external communication. Our client can now save time and money while boosting productivity.

Moreover, the system is modular, which provided a highly tailored and effective solution to meet the Barlow Interiors’ specific needs.

What I like most about Future Processing is that you were very responsive to the many questions I had, daily. Nothing was too much trouble. Also, the flexibility of the project and being given options from the simplest to more complex code options.

Chris Forster

In addition to delivering customised software, Future Processing went the extra mile and adjusted the solution’s front end to match Barlow Interiors’ corporal identity. Moreover, we recorded a video with detailed instructions on how to use the system, to help our client make the most of it. Thanks to Office 365 Patterns & Practices the solution we developed is completely transferable into multiple environments.

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