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BYOD – why should you try it?

date: 4 May 2017
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The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend has been a controversial phenomenon for a few years now. Is it safe to let employees use their own devices in the workplace or should it be banned? What is the BYOD reality?

BYOD has become very popular recently. Experts praise the concept, simultaneously sensitising to its dangers. Why should BYOD be introduced at your company? What benefits can it bring?


The BYOD model can change the nature of your company forever. The first benefit that comes to mind is cost reduction.

As the name – BYOD – suggests, employees are responsible for bringing their own devices, and the company takes care of the infrastructure. This guarantees cost efficiency, right from the start.

What is more, this also results in higher morale – employees use their own, well-known hardware, which is suited to their needs, without worrying about the unknown – new devices or software. Additionally, it also translates into increased efficiency, which stems from using their own devices and mobility. We use approximately 3 devices per person. When they are connected, we perform our tasks more effectively and efficiently, anytime, anywhere.

However, with major changes significant consequences may come, so…

… how to implement BYOD smoothly?

In order to protect your enterprise from security breaches, the implementation of BYOD should be carefully planned.Future Processing on how to implement BYOD in your enterpriseConsidering BYOD can be a beneficial step for your enterprise. However, with all its advantages, it can also be dangerous. Read about its dangers next week, in our new blog post.

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