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Can everyone build a successful product?

date: 20 April 2021
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The answer is: yes, of course, why not? It might be difficult to try to do everything on your own – it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the things you have to consider whenever a new business idea starts to form in your head.

And you could also feel some uncertainty around it, which is why you may want to talk about your idea with someone else, to get a fresh perspective – from someone who hasn’t been thinking about it night and day during the past few weeks or months…

And that’s where we come in — ready to guide you through all the twists and turns of your new project.

We designed our Discovery Workshop with this in mind — to support everyone who want to validate their ideas or the chance to discover some new opportunities along the way. Even those who think that they don’t need help in this department at all… because verifying the initial concept that you have in mind – even if you’re super positive and confident about the product that you want to develop – is a pretty important first step. Before you jump right into executing your plan, you have to be able to explain it in a clear and understandable way, so that everyone involved knows what they will be working on.

And we know what you’re thinking:

I’ve already described and discussed my idea so many times… I know it’s a good one and easy to comprehend! Why would I do it again?

Our Discovery Workshop will help you estimate your project’s cost, define the priority of features and choose the best technology for your project.

Goals of the Discovery Workshop

The Discovery Workshop is designed to help you shape your idea and make it feasible in a way that will be profitable to your business. We’ve combined our expert, analytical and user-centric approach with current, up-to-date technologies to meet your requirements as well as your customer demands.

The goal of this workshop is to help you:

  • establish your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) with support from the same consulting team that had done benchmarking, earlier,

  • construct the main vision of your product,

  • design user paths,

  • define the scope of your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) – by prioritising appropriate tasks and goals,

  • prepare a roadmap that shows the path of your product development, taking user feedback into account,

  • learn both the advantages and disadvantages of various technical solutions.

Moreover – at a more detailed and practical level – the goals of the Discovery Workshops are to help you:

  • form a product team,

  • set up the organisational aspects of product development,

  • secure the domain knowledge transfer process.

As a result, your new idea is simply clarified and ready to be executed. Potential pain points will have been clearly identified and you’ll have a risk-mitigation plan ready for implementation at any point during the development process.

You’ll also obtain a complex analysis of your existing system and a precise guide map for the next steps in the process – along with suggestions and recommendations from our expert team of specialists.

The potential benefits of the Discovery Workshop are quite tangible. For example, you’ll gain:

  • Product Vision

  • User Personas

  • Product Backlog

  • Product specification

  • BPMN or UML-related diagrams

  • Low or High fidelity wireframes

  • Clickable prototype

  • Information architecture

  • System architecture

  • Product roadmap

  • Reliable time and cost estimation

  • Benchmarking analysis

  • Tech stack recommendations

  • … and more.

It all depends on what you want to achieve – along with your main focus and the most problematic areas for you. So, let’s take a closer look at the entire process now.

Discovery Workshop process

As mentioned above, the agenda for the Discovery Workshop strongly depends on the goals that we set out to achieve during these meetings. Each workshop is designed individually for each product. And the most important thing (especially, these days) – is that the workshops may be conducted either remotely or on site, with the help of a professional facilitator.

Different techniques are applied throughout the workshops: some techniques might involve a specific stakeholder, while others will engage the entire group. This is because, once again – every client is different, and goals may differ from project to project. No two discovery workshops will look exactly the same.

When it comes to workshop participants, there are a few different roles involved, such as: individual stakeholders, the development team, as well as the interdisciplinary team. The latter may include, e.g., business analysts, UX/UI experts and technical experts to help cover all aspects that are absolutely necessary to effectively start the software development process.

This approach helps us make the most of every idea that an organisation may come up with and wish to discuss and define hypotheses.


Why should you participate in a workshop?

Even if you think that your business idea has already been thoroughly discussed and thought out by you and your team, and that there’s nothing more to add, remove or modify – Discovery Workshops can still benefit you in many tangible ways… Premium expert analysis and consultations are worth investing in, and will pay off in the long run by saving you a lot of time and money:

  • During a Discovery Workshop, your team gains necessary knowledge as well as a lower threshold of entry to the project.

  • Our discussions help speed up the process of choosing new technologies, so you will always have the most up-to-date solutions.

  • You can avoid having to make unnecessary (and costly) changes during the development process, since we will help you predict what could happen.

  • You gain added value because you get more than technical support; you also gain insights into the business and user perspective.

  • You will better understand your risks and know how to mitigate them.

During the brainstorming sessions, the team can easily find topics to be investigated as soon as possible to help you speed up the development process and avoid any delays.

These benefits shouldn’t be underestimated, and we have run many successful Discovery Workshops that prove our point.
If you want to learn more about any of this – just check out our offer and don’t shy away from contacting us, even if you’re only considering this option right now. We’ll answer your questions and help ease any doubts that you may have, no strings attached!

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