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Can hacking be good?

date: 7 February 2017
reading time: 2 min

The word ‘hacker’ is rarely associated with something positive. However, we should reconsider our first impression and dig deeper. When is hacking a good thing?

Most of our lives media have been feeding us an image of a malicious hacker. Nevertheless, even Oxford Dictionary defines ‘a hacker’ as both:

  • a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data
  • an enthusiastic and skillful computer programmer or user

Through the years, the profile of a hacker changed and the term evolved. As for now, we can distinguish three types of hackers:

  • white-hat hackers – concentrated on helping organisations and individuals to be more secure,
  • grey-hat hackers – conflicted hackers doing both good and bad deeds,
  • black-hat hackers – the most well-known and dangerous type, focused on attacks.

As we proved above, hacking can be good and may solve difficult problems. How?

Discover below…

The good, white-hat hackers can be a great addition to your security system, especially if you faced problems with it in the past.

Firstly, they have the freshest insights and keep up with the latest technologies. Thanks to that, it is extremely hard to shock them. So, their security patches can be applied quicker, especially in a situation when time matters more than ever.

Secondly, they know the tricks, since they have been in a hackers’ community, they recognise what shortcuts and security threats might have been used on your system, or how they may be applied in the future. Looking into your vulnerabilities from their point of view is much more beneficial for your company.

Black-hat hackers strive towards making their attacks as complicated and hard to explain as possible and that’s when practices and knowledge of these deeds come in handy.

Last but not least, they can make your system not only secure, but also more efficient. Due to their vast knowledge, they pay attention to little things that may be overlooked during typical security audits and fix them, often making your system simply better.

It’s fortunate that the white-hat hackers’ deeds get increasingly more recognition. Cyberspace isn’t secure, however with a little help from the experts, it may become more secure for you.

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