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Can machines outsmart us?

date: 14 February 2017
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AI, AR and Big Data – all of these seem to develop at an astounding pace. With all this growth, some of us started to fear – what if we’re heading towards a smart machine-based world? Let’s think about it.

Technology advances took a giant leap forward, making us question our future. However, such substantial progress usually means better results. You may wonder what industries will be the most influenced by these changes.

We can definitely expect healthcare and IT to be even more AI-driven. This means better automation, diagnoses, prosthetics and development of more ‘robotic’ equipment.

Construction and transportation will benefit from autonomous machines as well, since they are able to perceive more than a human eye. Sensors and detectors will play a huge role here.

Nevertheless, some ponder if these advancements come as an existential threat to us, humans. Will we come to the point when our solutions and work are obsolete?

According to Harvey Nash Technology survey, we can expect a few changes in the following years.

The survey represented the views of 3245 technology-based companies from 84 countries.

The participants claim that the AI development will result in jobs’ automation. The survey indicates that 45% of jobs like BI experts, Programme Managers, CTOs and Software Engineers will be autonomous within 10 years. Especially, in times where the significance of AI will grow from 24% to 89% in the following 5 years.

According to Harvey Nash Technology survey respondents, there is a cure for that. They state that constant development of skills and following latest trends may save threatened positions.

The survey has shown that 36.45% of participants’ organisations implement Big Data analytics to some extent, whereas 20.7% do it to a great extent. Most use it to understand their customers better and be more aware of business processes. It also helps them to optimise performance and increase security in their companies.

AI will surely change the technology game in the following years. We all wonder if there are ways to remain on our positions, while simultaneously implementing as much of AI as we can. Is it possible? This question will be answered soon.

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