Future Processing on transportation in smart cities

Can smartness enhance transportation?

date: 26 May 2016
reading time: 2 min

A decade ago a train, let alone a plane, were considered ultra-modern. Right now, companies bend over backwards to come up with smart solutions that can be embedded in their devices. But how did transport benefit from this movement?

You may think there are not that many ways in which transport can grow, however in a second we will present you some of the solutions that may prove you very wrong.

Smart planes

Delayed planes can really get on your nerves – we’ve all been there. However, thanks to smart technology this issue may be fixed. Some airlines decided to equip their planes with special functionalities that can help greatly in tracking, which basically reduces the number of flights which are not on time. This has yet another merit – enormous savings for plane companies.

Another novelty is the application of, so-called, smart skin to the exterior of the plane. It is a sensor bed tracking the atmosphere during flights, wind speed and movements around the plane. Most importantly, though, it precisely monitors its state, and in case of problems – reports them right away.

Smart trains

Smartness will also allow trains to take a giant leapfrog forward. How? By improving communication between networks. Doing so will highly improve the safety of passengers and reduce commuting costs. There are also several benefits, like shortening the time of processing tickets.

Trains are to be equipped with devices that can be controlled in the cloud and their communication (machine to machine) is bound to be faster and more effective as well.

Smart boats

Boats weren’t overlooked as well, and yes, you’ve guessed it – they are full of sensors. These little devices collect data on conditions (wind, weather, water level) and send them to all other vessels. What is more, they increase the safety of the sailors because they are constantly connected, which, in case of an emergency, can speed up rescue operations.

As you can see, it doesn’t matter if you want to fly like a bird, get a second wind or simply get a little bit nautical, smart reality is there to make your journeys not only fast but also safe.

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