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Can technology make us better?

date: 24 November 2016
reading time: 2 min

We constantly strive towards personal growth. Is there a way to achieve it faster, taking advantage of technology?

Don’t we all remember the times when our parents considered watching TV not only bad for our eyes, but also pointless? The same may be true with our smartphones nowadays.

We are truly drawn to technology, so is there a way to become better thanks to it? How to make our habits fruitful and good for us?

Do you need guidance?

Lifetick is an app for people who wish to achieve more but are holding back. This application focuses on helping you set goals for yourself and then tracks your progress. It also allows you to list your experience in form of a journal.

YOU-app is rather similar, as it helps you manage your time by dividing tasks into four categories: food, mindfulness, movement and love. While using the app, you get the so-called “micro-actions” that work as pieces of advice, helping you gradually change your life . It also helps you develop good habits.

Using these applications is likely to help you think a bit more about yourself and motivate you to introduce positive changes into your daily routine.

Do you want to learn?

Lumosity is an example of an app which mixes brain exercising with relaxation.

Its little jigsaw puzzles train your mind, making you more alert and thorough. When repeated on a daily basis, these exercises can also enhance your memory, concentration and help you develop various skills like multitasking. The tasks may seem simple, however sometimes you need to pick your brains to solve the puzzles.

Such game activates both your hemispheres at the same time.

Are you stressed out?

Studies have shown that regular meditation highly enhances the effectiveness and concentration. That is why resting your mind is the key to success.

Calm or Headspace are the best examples of application that can help you do that. Thanks to them you get into the state of mindfulness which, in stressful environment, can be a godsend. In time, they are said to reshape your brain, making you not only more effective and relaxed, but also healthier.

Sometimes the easiest actions may bring long-lasting benefits. Downloading a self-improvement app takes less than a minute. Can this action make you smarter? We think it is a least worth a try.

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