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Can we recycle our household?

date: 1 December 2016
reading time: 2 min

You may think that everything about smart households has already been covered. However, yet again we’ve decided to surprise you with a brand new smart house phenomena.

Being bio suddenly entered all aspects of our everyday lives. Are you interested which ones in particular?

Read on to find out.

Mushroom furniture

Yes, you’ve read correctly. The furniture made of fungus is what we may soon find in our living rooms.

As their manufacturers claim, the production is like growing a tree in shape of a coffee table and it’s all natural. Since almost everything in our apartments has grown somewhere, why not use fungi as another type of resource?

This is a sustainable way of furnishing our spaces. These pieces of furniture are very strong thanks to the bacteria found in corals, which they are produced from. What is more, they are produced without heat, so the energy is saved during the manufacturing process.

Even though the project is in its beta phase, it is safe to say that future building bricks are to be made of micro-organisms.

UFO – Unidentified Floating Object

If you are tired of living on the ground, then you may be interested to know more about housing option of the future.

We are talking about UFO-like shaped objects that float on water. Even though they are to enter our market no sooner than in 2018, we already know what they are about to give to us and to the environment.

These houseboats consist of a huge kitchen, living space and a seabed-view bedroom. What is more, the entire household is powered by solar panels, as well as wind and water turbines.  Recycling of energy is what makes it bio.

Being environmentally friendly is what we’re all striving towards. By taking little steps, we can alter the future of the world, and achieving it with modern gadgets, is not only better, but also much more fun.

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