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Every spring we organise a programming competition for software developers and students across Poland.  The competition is designed to show people that software development is fun, can be challenging and is also creative. We hope to not just foster great software development skills but also inspire a passion for development. And we also want to highlight the importance of team-work in good software development. And perhaps our strategy is working.

Every year we have more and more participants.  Registration for the 2012 competition began a few weeks ago. This is the fourth time we are running the competition and 480 competitors, comprising 169 teams entered – 60 more teams than last year. The qualification round was on March 11th. The teams had to complete a five-hour challenge via the secure deadline24 website. Thirty teams have been chosen from this challenge to compete in the final which will take place on April 10th in a suite of specially designed, underground rooms in the Guido Mine in Zabrze. In the final the teams have to compete against in each other, adding a further element of psychology to their performance.

And to make it even harder they competition lasts for a full 24 hours. We hope that competitors will learn many things about the programming skills, their limits and the fact that you cannot ignore the human factor in software development. And at the same time have some fun!

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