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How to deliver innovative employee benefit solutions to global customers, faster?

date: 8 March 2016
reading time: 2 min

With a desire to win bigger projects and maximise the contribution to the rapidly growing market, Staffcare decided to outsource an element of its engineering and development to increase their IT capabilities.

We work very closely with Staffcare in true cooperation and partnership, handling development and testing on a daily basis and adding new functionalities to adjust applications to Staffcare’s clients’ needs. The partnership has been so successful that Staffcare is now one of Future Processing’s longest standing customers.

The main business problem for our Client was lack of readily available internal resources. In the course of our long-standing partnership, Future Processing provided highly scalable teams, allowing Staffcare to take on more projects, supporting their growth and helping to build a competitive advantage.


We’ve been working with Future Processing for five years and absolutely they’ve become a part of our team, the cooperation is seamless. We’ve undertaken and successfully delivered projects we simply couldn’t have tackled with our own employees, within shorter timeframes than we could ever have dreamed of. Future Processing’s staff has directly liaised with our customers, and been seen as an extension of our own team. I’d recommend them at any time – Craig Kritzinger, IT Director

Watch full video interview with Craig Kritzinger

We introduced new tools and processes which brought some innovation to our Client’s in-house team. Working together, Future Processing helps Staffcare solve problems and adjust to changes in law, giving them the benefit of being able to focus on their core business. Most importantly, though, our work resulted in improving the performance of Staffcare’s applications. They are now working faster and better, and Staffcare is able to successfully fulfil obligations to more clients.

Check out Staffcare case study.

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