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Discover how we contributed to better understanding of the NGO sector

date: 28 January 2016
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Our cooperation started in August 2010, when TechSoup was looking for an outsourcing partner outside the USA, as a cost-effective use of resources and source of skills. 

Within the framework of our cooperation, we have greatly contributed to creating an innovative system that is aimed at enabling social change and helping contributors understand the NGO sector.

Apart from the project work itself, we were also able to refresh the TechSoup’s code base and agree a plan for further development.

As the various branches of TechSoup are located in different parts of the world,  with time it become difficult to coordinate communication effectively, taking into account time differences. That is why,  we implemented a robust project management process, which ensured visibility of progress at all times.

Thanks to this approach, our team became very knowledgeable within Client’s domain. This allowed us to suggest additional features, agree on specific technologies and propose new solutions.

Thanks to cooperation with Future Processing we didn’t have to recruit additional people and we could focus on developing our business. For that reason, outsourcing was a success, because in a short time we got a devoted team of experienced engineers.

We feel that we can rely on Future Processing to deliver the right solutions. We have worked together for many years and we do see tangible results. During our cooperation, Future Processing also came up with ideas which were well received in TechSoup.

Michał Szwarc, Senior Director – Head of Global Operations

The successful delivery of these projects gives evidence to the fact that location is not a blocker in delivering successful projects. As long as your outsourcing partner is focused on clear communication and can demonstrate effective project management.

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