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German Tech Companies to follow in 2021 – part I

date: 14 May 2021
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Germany has been one of the fastest-growing markets for technology and the IT industry. When it comes to adapting groundbreaking new technology like blockchain, IoT as well as big data, Germany covers more than one-fourth of the European market.

The revenue of the software industry in Germany was estimated to be about 27,5 billion euros in 2020.

Germany’s software market has proven resilient to the global economic crisis. A study by market researcher Marketline identified a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.3 percent for the period of 2010 to 2014. In comparison, the markets in the UK and France grew by just 5.2 percent and 2 percent respectively during the same period.

The German capital, Berlin, is the second biggest startup hub in Europe. It is also the home to numerous big and globally recognised companies, which are amongst the biggest employers in the world.

Here are some of the German tech companies to follow that have established themselves in the global software industry.


Founded in 1990, the 7P Group is an IT consultancy firm of around 500 employees specialising in enterprise mobility and digital transformation. Culturally similar to Future Processing, they provide services such as application development and management, SAP services, and managed services. 7P is also the leading European manufacturer of mobile device management for the secure management of smartphones and tablets. Their partners include Microsoft, VMware and Oracle.

2. valantic

Founded in 1997, valantic creates software and digital process solutions. They provide a wide variety of services in industries such as financial services, telecommunications, services industry, media, etc. With over 500 employees, valantic was awarded as one of the best employers by the Great Place to Work Institute in the “Beste Arbeitgeber im Consulting 2019“ (Best Employers in Consulting 2019) competition. The award stands for an extraordinary commitment to creating a trustful and beneficial culture of collaboration within the company. With a fast development culture and an extensive portfolio, valantic has successfully cemented themselves as one of the leading tech companies in Germany. valantic are also currently hiring and have over 100 positions vacant!

3. BridgingIT GmBH

Founded in 2008, BridgingIT GmBH is a bespoke software development firm that aims to combine optimal development with regional application possibilities. The company’s focus lies in business process management, digital transformation and lean digital industry.  With over 500 employees, they cater to industries ranging from banking and finance to healthcare, transport, the public domain, and automotive. Their partners include Adobe, Microsoft and Atlassian.

4. iS2 Intelligent Solution Services

Founded in 1990, iS2 Intelligent Solution Services AG aims to support companies in the fields of insurance and finance by providing innovative software solutions and IT consulting. Their clients include Generali, American Express, IBM, etc. Their products include applications such as “Value of Work” that helps illustrate the cumulated income over the next few years for customers in the form of a graph and raises awareness for the risk of a premature loss of earnings. The inSign Electronic Signature developed by iS2 is a fully legal digital signature software that enables customers to sing, send, and manage legally binding documents with written declarations of intent electronically. Besides the signature itself, all documents and biometric signature data is encrypted and protected against modification (BiPRO standard 262). With around 80 employees, iS2 has offices in three locations in Germany.

5. Neofonie

Neofonie is a leading full-service provider for digital solutions, offering services ranging from conceptualisation and consulting to design, development operation and hosting. Their areas of expertise include big data, text mining, search and web portals, content management system (CMS) and mobile solutions. Neofonie, founded in 1998, were the developers of the first German search engine, “Fireball”. Agency rankings place Neofonie among the top 20 E-Commerce and top 10 mobile providers in Germany. With about 180 employees, Neofonie caters to clients such as eBay, Jägermeister, Wort & Bild Verlag, Bechtle, Audi, and Olympus.

6. Netlution

Founded in 2001, Netlution offers customised 3rd-level on-call service models individually tailored to clients’ needs. Their core competencies include cloud services, DevOps services, 3rd level special services, transition services, and consulting services.  The experts at Netlution have a wide range of well-known certifications from leading solution and technology partners, for example, Microsoft MCSE/MCSA, VMware VCP, Citrix CCA/CCP/CCE, Linux CLA/CLP/CLE and LPIC 1-3, ITIL, and PRINCE2.

While we recognised some of the best tech companies in Germany, there is still an abundance of other businesses influencing the German tech scene. A sophisticated IT infrastructure paired with the rapid adoption of new technologies has also made Germany one of the leading forces in innovation.

The companies presented above are for sure not the only ones to look at as the German business scene has a lot to be proud of. The vast pool of specialists, together with a strong economy and flourishing market turn this country into the one with great potential. 

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