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How can a strong set of work ethics ensure solid software delivery?

date: 23 June 2020
reading time: 5 min

We used to say that we make great software because we put people first, meaning that our employees are our most important asset. We feel responsible for their well-being, so we take care of them on many levels.

This approach works like a chain reaction – employees who feel supported by the organisation they work for show the same attitude towards clients, making sure that they are satisfied with the projects that they’re running together.

In other words, a great work environment translates into great client partnerships. This wouldn’t be possible without having a strong set of work ethics to guide us through various software development processes by setting rudimentary rules and being like a starting point for our actions and decisions.

See how this works in practice – with measurable results.

Work ethics in theory: 5 general values

  1. Transparency
    We place an emphasis on open communication and honesty – both within the teams and between our company and our customers. Transparency is a big trust-builder.
  2. Culture of feedback
    This is strongly correlated with the first point. A feedback-rich culture allows everyone to adapt swiftly to any new requirements, work more efficiently, influence constant improvement and build trust. Feedback should move in every direction, in order to know where everyone stands.
  3. Mutual respect
    Frictionless cooperation has to be based on respect towards everyone involved. This pertains to any opinions, suggestions and criticism – which should always be constructive.
  4. Predictable delivery
    Timely delivery is our priority, so we always take the appropriate measures and follow a set of procedures that allow us to minimise risks, so we can maintain a sense of predictability and reliability for our customers.
  5. Highest quality
    We have 20 years of experience in many areas of expertise, a focus on continuous learning and improvement, as well as a number of tested working procedures in place – all of which allows us to deliver comprehensive services of the highest quality.

Work ethics in practice: 10 hard facts

All of our values materialise in ways that our employees and clients experience on a daily basis:

  1. Comfortable offices, on-site kindergarten, gym and spa
    We have ergonomic and well-equipped offices that provide essential comfort for the workplace. What is more, we offer an on-site kindergarten which solves a common problem for many working parents, and we ensure access to the gym and spa to help our employees relax after hours.
  2. Regular team and client happiness checks
    We run Happy Team surveys for our employees, as well as team effectiveness, performance and recommendation surveys for our clients. A 360-degree feedback survey for our employees takes place up to 4 times a year.
  3. Team spirit
    We find team spirit extremely important and we put a lot of heart into teams’ integration. We organise various actions to strengthen it e.g. internal Olympics, sharing photos and spending time together no matter if working in the office or remotely. We are a team and we motivate each other.
  4. Different communication channels
    We offer a number of channels that streamline cooperation between a client company and a remote working team, like instant chat software, emails, VoIP, or video conferences. We can also meet in person, whenever needed.
  5. Can-do attitude & positive thinking
    We put our clients’ needs first and we always try to find solutions best adjusted to their needs. Thanks to our can-do attitude and positive thinking we are open to new ideas and ready to fully engage in projects.
  6. Project Management Office
    Project Leaders and Line Managers provide additional support and guidance for teams and Team Leaders, especially in terms of monitoring the progress of any projects. This ensures that projects receive quick and efficient reactions to any changes and emergencies.
  7. Software development best practices
    We follow a set of procedures developed by our experts on the basis of 20 years of our experience and work within well-known frameworks (like Scrum) in order to avoid chaos and keep track of everything.
  8. ISO 27001 certificate
    This means that we prioritise data security, regardless of their specific nature.
  9. Money-back guarantee
    If a client is unhappy with us after the first sprint – we give them their money back.
  10. Reports
    Our customers are provided with various reports, according to their specific needs and requirements.

Work ethics in numbers: 8 measurable results

The values that we cherish not only take on tangible forms and shapes but also have effects that we can measure in a very precise way:

  1. Number of long-term partnerships: 16
    13 clients have cooperated with us for more than 5 years.
  2. Longest cooperation with a single client: 13 years
    We put an emphasis on building long-term relationships that are based on trust, in order to become a strategic IT partner for our customers.
  3. Rating on Clutch: 4.7/5
    We continuously receive outstanding reviews from our actual clients.
  4. Attrition rate: 6.7%
    The industry average for IT is 16%.  
  5. NPS: 53
    We recently evaluated our clients and received over 100 replies to the question ‘would you recommend Future Processing to your colleagues and other businesses?’. Our score was 63 points on a scale between -100 to 100.
  6. Percentage of revenue that comes from 3+ year-long cooperations: 56%
    After finishing one project, many companies decide to stick with us to run their next projects too.
  7. Average tenure of our employees: 5 years
    We provide our employees with working conditions that make them want to stay with our organisation for many years.
  8. Number of team integrations in 2019: 484
    We are a big software development company with more than 800 employees. And yet we don’t forget about team-building events and activities that help our specialists get to know each other better and relax after work.

Our strong work ethic is your peace of mind

As you can see, having a strong set of work ethics is beneficial from all aspects of a project.

For us, this is like having a flashlight that shines a light on the best direction for us to move in, or that shows us what to do when we’re in doubt. The values that we believe in helping us prioritise things and provide our customers with the highest quality of service.

For you, as a potential customer, this ensures peace of mind during the software development process. You can be certain that we will treat your project like our own because we are working towards mutual success.

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