Future Processing on technological ways to relax during festive season

How can technology help you relax during Christmas?

date: 22 December 2016
reading time: 3 min

In the times when we are so attached to tradition, it is hard to alter and modernise certain aspects of it. However, let’s take a second and try to imagine fully technological Christmas.

Christmas is supposed to be the jolliest time of the year. Nevertheless, it rarely is due to all the preparations that await.
Let us take you on a trip, to the tech-ville, where tinsel is packed with sensors and Christmas trees are plugged to wireless networks.


Apart from the magical atmosphere, Christmas is often associated with food. Since the number of dishes can often make your head spin, how about, a ‘connected’ kitchen, where food is always fresh, unburnt and prepared just on time?

Imagine being able to connect all your devices – fridge letting its owners know when something is running low, oven turning off the moment it decides the food is cooked, and the cooker keeping the right temperature to make your food beautifully golden. Internet of Things, and connected technology may make your Christmas day that much better.

No more ‘there’s nothing to eat’ and not only during Christmas, but all year long.

Christmas spirit

Since some of us don’t have the opportunity to experience snow, scientists thought of it as unacceptable. And once again technology comes to the rescue. In the form of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets in this case. Not only will you be able to experience white Christmas, you will also omit the need of shaking it off your shoes.

After a quick walk on the VR snowy pavements you will surely feel a bit cold. Here comes another solution, as winter blankets and slippers are the only right way to go. So, how about temperature activated garments that detect whenever you feel cold? They are great inside while watching movies on the sofa, as well as for the outside, while queuing for a Christmas tree.

Speaking of the Christmas tree – every year it needs to be properly ‘dressed’. Have you ever thought of smart ornaments? They work as smart photo frames that sync with your phone and display photos and short messages. A nifty way to send your Christmas wishes to your loved ones.

Now it’s time for the gifts…

Although gifts may seem tricky, technology takes giant leaps forward year after year. The real question is ‘do you keep it simple or go all the way’?

You can present your family with wrist activity trackers to show them how inactive they were during Christmas or keep their energy levels up by giving them a Wi-Fi enabled coffee maker.

The possibilities are endless and the choice is yours. The year 2017 is just around the corner and it will come with many more, new and even smarter ideas that use smart technologies to their advantage.

We would also love to take a moment to wish you all the merriest technological Holidays!

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