The role of a software development partner in digital transformation
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How can your Software Development partner help you in Digital Transformation?

date: 4 June 2019
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According to the article published by the Harvard Business Review three-quarters of digital transformation (DT) programs fail.

Digital transformation is a must if you want your company to develop and stay ahead of the competition, and it has been at the top of businesses’ agendas for at least a decade. Let’s have a look at the reasons of this state of things and at how to avoid this fate for your business.

What is Digital Transformation in software development?

The fact that as much as 70% of digital transformations fail to meet their original objectives is both frustrating and disappointing for many companies, especially those whose C-level executives thought it would be enough to just buy and implement new technologies to start benefiting from them immediately.

What they found out instead is that it’s not just technology that matters, but the approach! Activating a digital mindset is fundamental for any leader to succeed.

Digital transformation is not a single event on a company’s timeline. It quite the opposite – we can describe it as a never-ending development in an ever-evolving environment.

The minute you accomplish one goal, others emerge on the horizon. The technology is constantly changing, and so are (or should) the organisations. The beginning is always the most difficult part.

Start strong and make it past the first few months and from that point onwards all should be looking much easier!

The role of software engineering in digital transformation strategy

When you think about digital transformation strategy one of the first things that comes to mind is the software engineering.

Also called software development, it allows companies to create software solutions that help organisations achieve goals and respond to business needs by improving efficiency of the operations, streamlining business models, automating processes and enhancing customer experience.

There is no such aspect of everyday operation of a company that cannot be improved thanks to software engineering and the digital transformation.

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Main challenges of the digital transformation in the software industry

Digital transformation offers numerous benefits, allows companies to take advantage of new digital technologies and is indispensable in today’s world.

If you don’t embrace it, you will soon stay behind your competitors, and the whole world.

Yet undergoing a DT also means some huge challenges that a company ready to start this journey has to face.

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Who is holding back companies’ Digital Transformation initiatives?

Apart from the mindset of the management, the main difficulties usually involve:

  • maintaining rigid and overly complex legacy IT systems while incrementally replacing them with modern technologies,

  • managing and analysing skyrocketing volumes of data,

  • acknowledging new digital opportunities,

  • budget constraints,

  • lack of appropriately-skilled personnel,

  • data security and privacy concerns,

  • regulatory compliance,

  • integration of emerging technologies.

Yes, it’s overwhelming – and it’s also easy to find yourself in a blind spot and fail. In order to break past the deadlock and move ahead, you need a software development partner.

But… not just any partner – what you need is a really strong one that will help you and support you at every stage of your digital transformation journey.

Dedicated Team vs Shared Team vs Freelancers: comparison
Dedicated Team vs Shared Team vs Freelancers: comparison

How can a Software Partner propel your Digital Transformation journey?

We believe that an excellent partner doesn’t only build IT solutions. They do much more than this. It is not an exaggeration to say that, during the entire process of the DT, the company that you expect to work with should be your guide.

Why do we think so? Because your partner should be much more experienced than you and should have seen and solved many of the challenges you’re facing. By working closely together your partner should help you develop solutions that will improve your operations and make your digital transformation a success.

If you are looking for a digital transformation partner for your company, this may be of interest to you:

Let’s now take a closer look at 3 extremely important roles of your software development partner.

1. To create a vision of your Digital Transformation initiatives

  • A technology partner is like your second pair of eyes, helping you discover opportunities that in the wave of new digital technologies may be easy to overlook, as you usually have to focus on other problems within your organisation.

  • They are also very open-minded, which helps them predict future trends in your industry and develop new business models, so they can keep your organisation thoroughly prepare to meet any potential changes.

  • They provide you with guidelines, assist you in preparing a detailed digital transformation strategies or roadmaps, and…

  • …play a huge role in navigating the entire process.

  • All of this wouldn’t be possible, of course, if your partner lacked the ability to think critically and outside of the box.

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A roadmap to Digital Transformation strategy

2. To troubleshoot problems

  • A perfect software development partner is also the answer to your lack of properly-skilled staff. They will provide you with a highly qualified team of specialists delivering digital transformation services, assembled precisely to meet your requirements and fulfil your needs.

  • A team like this, when paired with a dedicated project manager, can build your desired solutions in compliance with your plan, and…

  • solve both long-standing and emerging problems. An agile project management approach, quick reactions, and invaluable experience in working in data-first environments are key to not letting the organisation’s Digital Transformation process fail.

Key elements digital transformation consultants take into consideration
Key elements digital transformation consultants take into consideration

3. To maintain solutions, security and budget

  • While your solution is being developed, it’s good to know that someone is keeping an eye on each and every task. Plus, when it’s already deployed, your IT-partner handles the inevitable maintenance.

  • They also ensure security in terms of software stability and data storage/migration.

  • And last but not least… they mind the budget, so you can feel at ease about your expenses. You’ll surely be notified if there’s even the slightest chance of exceeding the original estimated cost.

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Weigh your options and choose Digital Transformation company wisely

A strategic alliance with digital transformation companies can be a game-changer in your digital transformation strategy.

However, you need to be aware of the fact, that it can go both ways – they might help you succeed or… drag you down. It all depends on their experience, expertise and ability to understand your business.

Finding a partner that excels in all three of the above-mentioned roles is worth your customers’ (and employees’) weight in gold.

This is twice as important for non-IT related companies with little to no experience in a digital environment. They should go after a partner who is considered to be a great visionary and an attentive troubleshooter.

Often, this is equally or even more important than just searching for a team of splendid software developers, no matter how skilled they may be in their craft.

So, if you’re ready to bet on the best 3-in-1 solution, let us know, and we’ll gladly help you enter the digital era by delivering digital transformation to your doorstep.

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