Future Processing on machine learning in your home

How machine learning can protect your house?

date: 4 October 2016
reading time: 2 min

As we’ve mentioned multiple times before, the era of robots is upon us. What does it really mean and how the robotic presence may appear useful within our four walls?

For those of you who need a little reminder what machine learning actually is:

It is a machine’s ability to study the environment in order to learn patterns and adjust its functions to it.

This means that we can basically teach a robot anything (in its area of expertise) to make it more personal and adjusted specifically to us.

What can we find on the market so far?

Let us introduce CUJO which is a smart home security device connected to a local network. How can it help? It is programmed to battle the latest and most disturbing problems, like hacking attacks, or instalment of malware. It uses self-learning techniques to monitor devices such as computers, smartphones and even baby monitors which are connected to each other.

By installing the dedicated app, you can control and monitor your set of devices and receive threat notifications, since CUJO analyses your local network traffic data locally and in real time.

This is not all…

Cocoon is a little gadget that learns the sounds of your entire house to keep you protected.

The device detects any activities in your house and doesn’t need any additional sensors. Whenever it ‘hears’ something odd it sends a video to the owner.  Since it works on machine learning technology, it not only ‘notices’ the tiniest movements and sounds, but also remembers them. In time, such machine knows the ins and outs of your own home better than you do.

We’re pretty sure it’s not the end of Machine Learning ideas that may enter your surroundings in the mere moments. Feeling safe and secure at you haven is incredibly important and those tiny, yet powerful, devices are there to help you.

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