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How research findings can be applied in medical industry?

date: 14 January 2016
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Our cooperation with Cambridge Computed Imaging (CCI) started 10 years ago and since that time we have worked on advanced systems for fluoroscopy, angiography, and the statistical analysis of medical images.

One of the projects we have worked on, together with CCI, is TexRAD, which can be used to extract features (not perceptible by the naked eye) from images acquired in routine clinical practice.

Medical images are used to make decisions on patient care and treatment but are limited to what the human eye can see. The extra information provided by TexRAD has the potential to assist clinicians to make more informed decisions, for example by predicting the prognosis and enabling the stratification of patients with cancer, so they receive the most appropriate treatment.

TexRAD has already proven its value in medical research and it is being applied in a wide range of studies which are then published in scientific journals.

Projects developed with CCI are a good example of how research findings (also conducted at Future Processing) can be applied in the industry.

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