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How the fate of commercial drones is changing?

date: 15 September 2016
reading time: 2 min

Drones made commercial entrance a short while back, however, their purpose was quite cut down. How can they be used right now? Did the regulations change?

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Nevertheless, back then commercial drones couldn’t be used on such a wide scale as they can right now (to be more precise – since August 2016).

What has changed?

Well, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released a new rule which extended the possibilities of operating the drones.

However, they must be operated by someone with a certificate and can be used only during the day. What is more, according to the guidelines, drones cannot carry packages heavier than 55 pounds. All in all, the regulation is a big step forward for many industries.

Are there any new possibilities?

This change means a lot for various industries. Not only will they be able to enhance the quality of services, but also do their job quicker.

In case of any accident or disaster, recovery services will be able to react quicker and get wherever humans can’t e.g. due to danger.

Measuring the impact of natural disasters will be facilitated, as well as inspecting infrastructures, in order to retrieve oil from platforms. And, of course, we cannot forget about observing atmospheric changes.

There are also less ‘complex’ merits resulting from commercial use of drones, like easier and quicker spraying of crops and wider use in photography or filmography.

However, there is one ‘but’– commercial drones aren’t allowed to surpass the altitude of 500 feet, so they are exposed to weather conditions which may interfere with the devices and data they are gathering.

There’s no doubt the drones will have a huge impact on multiple sectors, helping to deliver more and more services. However, their operators have to be aware of the limitations and legislation, making safety their top priority.

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