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How to choose the best data solution for you?

date: 30 November 2021
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Do you know why data is so important? Or why there’s such a high demand for skilled data scientists?

And finally – do you know why you should also be investing in data-related solutions as well? As it turns out, there are at least a few different reasons for this…

Leveraging big data helps you:

  • make informed decisions,

  • find the roots of your problems,

  • find solutions to your problems,

  • track your performance,

  • utilise your resources efficiently.

However, while small data doesn’t necessarily require using advanced tools (since it’s simple enough for human comprehension), analysing big data is a completely different kettle of fish.

You need to have:

  • proper understanding of what you really need (reflected in your strategy),
  • professional solutions for turning data into actionable insights,
  • experts that will help you align your goals with your strategies.

But what kind of data-related services can you choose from, and what are they all about? Let’s take a look.

Data services that might be good options for your business

Business Intelligence

In short, BI helps you make sense of huge volumes of unstructured and dispersed data, so that you can base your business decisions on data-driven knowledge. By integrating various data sources and optimally storing, processing and visualising it all, you are able to draw conclusions and make predictions.

BI translates directly into:

  • higher quality data,
  • faster reporting and planning,
  • improved operational efficiency,
  • more accurate business decisions,
  • increased employee satisfaction.

Data Science & Engineering

Data science and engineering are used to create optimal architecture in order to efficiently process your company’s data – using the full potential of artificial intelligence, machine learning, linear algebra, statistics, algorithms, and the Internet of Things.

It takes your data insights to the next level by using scientific methods to analyse relationships between facts and also provides a lot of additional benefits to your organisation, such as:

  • increased predictability,
  • improved information security,
  • real-time intelligence,
  • automated processes,
  • sales and marketing support.

Cloud Services

Thanks to a wide variety of cloud services, your data is accessible globally – in a secure and reliable manner. You don’t have to hold onto any on-site data or infrastructure. Instead, you create a custom and scalable solution in the cloud and use it on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Infrastructure like this helps you:

  • reduce IT costs,
  • be more flexible and efficient,
  • prevent losses,
  • maintain business continuity in case of an emergency,
  • increase security and mobility.

These services may also be part of a bigger process, such as the digital transformation.

You can select one service or more – depending on your specific needs. And even if you don’t know what you really need at the moment, you can always take part in our IT Strategy Workshop, which was designed to analyse your business problems, help you define your requirements, and support you in achieving your goals with up-to-date technology.

And now, the real data-related work begins. If you’re wondering what this part looks like, you can see how we handle this at Future Processing.

Working with clients & dealing with data – the Future Processing way

We know that there are no perfect requirements – these change over time. We are agile, which means that we’re flexible enough to adapt to shifts in your strategy and in external environments as well.

There are always some limitations. We take these under consideration and don’t expect them to magically disappear.

We focus on discovering your real needs and designing a suitable solution. Making sure that we share the same understanding is one of the most important things for us – essential in terms of meeting your expectations.

We are responsible for the process and technology. We take a lot off your plate, so that you can focus on running your business and handling day-to-day issues.

You are always fully informed about the inevitable risks. Because there’s no way you can eliminate them. We can do as much as humanly possible to reduce risks, but very few things are completely zero-risk, and we won’t try to sugarcoat this. We want you to understand your data sources. This is key to being able to spot relevant relationships between them and draw appropriate conclusions.

We will help you answer essential questions. For example:

  • What kind of data do you want to gather, process and store?

  • How can you define and structure data within your enterprise?

  • What kind of data is actually relevant to your business?

  • How can you best present your data and turn them into actionable insights?

  • Who should have access to your data and how can you control this?

We emphasise process automation and testing. This way, you can increase your efficiency and maintain better control over the quality of your products. We can always back off, if necessary. We don’t shy away from immediately changing course if we see that we’re headed towards a dead end.

We can create a proof of concept to see what’s possible. For example, we can give you a design for a solution, which you can then decide to use or not.


If you are wondering about how to choose the best data solution for you – that’s a good sign! It means that you are already aware of the importance of working with data. We hope that now you also know where to start, and what cooperating with external experts may look like. If you are afraid of being vendor-locked with one cloud we can choose from solutions that can be easily moved into another cloud provider. And in case you still have any doubts, you can always contact us and ask questions – that is always risk-free.

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