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How to improve the work of bus drivers via an Android app?

date: 11 February 2016
reading time: 2 min

Trapeze Group Europe partnered with Future Processing to develop an app extension to its Android project Crew App.

Crew App was launched in 2010, within Future Processing’s project for Trapeze Group Europe. However, having won a large contract with a leading public bus and rail transport operator, Trapeze Group Europe approached us to extend the capabilities of Crew App, by implementing new functions.

Crew App+, as it is named, aims to ease the everyday work of bus and train drivers, who can use the app on their mobile devices during their shifts.

The goal of the project was successfully accomplished. The bus drivers use the application written by us and Trapeze Group Europe, and are very satisfied with it.

The previous version of Crew App is a most sought add-on module to our existing duty suite and was a very good base for adding new Crew App+ functionalities. The new features are very much aligned with requirements from our other clients, so we tried to make design decisions to get it with Future Processing that both suited our end client and the general market. The response we got from our client’s bus drivers has been great, and many say that it makes their day to day work much easier.

Erik Futtrup, Director of Development

We are particularly proud of this project because of its range – as we were responsible for implementing and adjusting the solution used by bus drivers across Denmark – thereby reducing the burden on Trapeze from an internal resource perspective.

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