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How to make your city stand out from the crowd?

date: 12 April 2016
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The concept of smart city is quite well-known right now. The rules to become one, the issues that may be faced along the way. Many cities have the ambition to be known as ‘smart’, but what exactly should be done to become one that will stand out from the crowd? If you want to find out, read on.

The possibilities are endless and what is more, some of the facilitations are already implemented in some of the cities. Things like the public broadband, charging stations or traffic apps are just the beginning of a very long list. Below you will discover the options that, in our opinion, are simply a mixture of neat and usable ideas.

Making cities green with…greeneries

Almost all cities have abundant buildings that scare people away and take up space. Demolition of the unused properties and changing them into something more pleasant like a park seems like a right way to go. Later on these spaces could be e.g. covered with noise cancelling roofs that not only would give you a chance to relax, but also would block the pollution.

Urban cities lack green places because most of them had to be traded for housing estates, roads or skyscrapers. Why not do this the other way round and finally have a breath of fresh, clean air in the city of hubbub and fumes?

Rain water heating things up

Nowadays, water is taken for granted, whereas 1 in 10 people don’t have access to it. Since it pours down on us every now and then, it is really wise to finally start using it. Collecting rain water with the purpose to heat buildings during winter seems obvious, however did you know that it can also be put into specially designed turbines that will be able to cool you during heatwaves? Well, this is all possible now. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but also simply smart.

Recycling the energy

Yes, energy, because it is the star of this section. This is yet another resource than can be used many times. So, what exactly can be done? Generating energy from renewable sources like solar or wind power. This way buildings will be able to produce energy for their own needs.

This is not all since many cities pledge they will become carbon neutral in time, which means we will have power plants that produce energy, simultaneously making pollution a thing of the past.

Cities around the world want to become as convenient for their citizens as possible, working with world renowned specialists. Everything starts with little improvements but after all the fuss comes the time for the fluff – which judging by our examples will be a definite hit.

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