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4 steps to start a digital partnership with a software development company

date: 11 February 2021
reading time: 9 min

If you’re wondering about how to start a digital partnership with a software development company, then you’re probably already aware of what digital transformation means to your business.

You know that it’s essential to maintain a competitive advantage in the market, especially in today’s rapidly changing business environment – since it increases productivity, agility and security and helps businesses attract and retain customers.

However, it’s one thing to know it and quite another thing to do it. That’s why we’re here to help with our proven set of tips.

The importance of crafting a successful partnership with a long-term software transformation partner

Partnering with reliable software development companies is a wise decision for businesses facing a shortage of resources or technical expertise.

It is not just about filling gaps but also about acquiring extensive industry knowledge and an exceptional software development team capable of handling any software development project with expertise, speed, and adaptability to meet your evolving requirements.

Moreover, the luxury of an outsourced team, expertly guided by a Project Manager, means your project advances seamlessly, with a central communication hub eliminating the usual coordination maze – all this supported by modern technology.

But there’s more to digital partnerships. Working with best software development companies helps boost your company’s presence in the market, make breaking into specialised areas easier, and spark co-innovation, powering up your service game.

They’re also your ace in the hole for ensuring seamless customer transitions, especially in service-centric business models.

So, find a trustworthy software development partner to accelerate development and keep your edge in digital world.

Tips for selecting the ideal software developer

Essential elements for a successful digital collaboration with developers

Successful software development partnership comes down to a few essential factors.

First and foremost, communication is key. It should be clear, concise, and direct, without any unnecessary fluff. This way, everyone involved knows exactly what’s happening, and there are no surprises. When working remotely, being open and proactive in addressing issues as they arise is crucial to success, especially when dealing with different time zones.

Building trust with a good development partner is everything. And it doesn’t happen overnight. It requires being consistent, transparent, and demonstrating your dedication for the long term. Both parties must understand each other’s motives, goals, and resources to work together effectively. This means agreeing on project objectives, timelines, and available resources without unrealistic expectations.

A reliable software development partner should also be aware of expectations and stay focused on the end goal. It’s important, however, to recognise that this is a collaborative effort, with both parties bringing value to the table.

And let’s not forget the importance of being flexible. As needs change and new challenges arise, ongoing support is crucial. Being adaptable and available at all times is what makes a software development services not just good but great. When all these pieces fit together, you’ve got yourself the ideal setup for nailing those software development projects.

A 4 steps process to engaging a software development partners

#1 Kick off with a good plan and software development partnership agreement

It’s extremely important to have a solid assessment of the current state of your business, a digital vision, and a long-term strategy (this should include a business model, user needs, and the technologies to be used). You should know precisely what you want to achieve before taking any other actions to select the most suitable company for your partnership.

So, at this point, you have a few options to choose from:

  • If you already have a plan – you are welcome to proceed to the next step.

  • If you do not yet have a plan on how to transform your business and you’ve been considering getting some external help – consult with the experts. At Future Processing, we can organise a Product Design Consultation for high-level executives to help analyse your company’s needs, pain points and opportunities.

  • If you have a few ideas but need some guidance, you can also seek expert help from external specialists. Our Discovery Workshop is designed for situations when a vision needs to be structured and adjusted to the market and customers’ needs. We can help you set your business objectives, find the right solutions, and come up with a detailed plan on how to reach your goals.

Every part of the digital transformation roadmap can be implemented gradually, step by step. It is important to remember the big picture – a complete overview of your business, so you know exactly where you are and where you’re headed.

#2 Selecting and collaborating with the right software development company

Once you have a plan and you actually know what you want to achieve and how to explain it to your potential vendors, you’re good to move forward and start the software partner selection process. There are basically two options for you to choose from:

  • You may work with the same company that helped you with your strategy. They have the advantage of already being familiar with your project and knowing your business inside out. This means faster implementation since you don’t have to spend time sharing this knowledge again with a new organisation.

  • You may select a different partner. It requires you to initiate the RFI/RFP processes – or an alternative solution that will help you evaluate and shortlist your candidates so that you can confidently make the final selection.

By the end of this stage, you should have a signed software development agreement with clear requirements, a detailed scope of work, expected business outcomes, manner of settlement, and governance model, etc.

Software Developemnt Partnership: Comparison
Software Developemnt Partnership: Comparison

#3 Ensuring mutual goals in your partnership with a software developer

The big day has finally come. You have a good strategy and a technology partner ready to transform your business digitally. So, how can you make sure you start off on the right foot?

  • Organise a kick-off meeting or a video conference if meeting in person is not an option. This is a great opportunity to get to know the people who will be involved in the project, break the ice and create a pleasant atmosphere that will lay the foundation for your collaboration.

  • Give your new software development partner space to do their job by following some good practices that apply to partnerships like this:
    – stick to your strategy
    – be accessible and responsive
    – be open and transparent
    – respect the deadlines and project management methodology
    – communicate your ideas, but don’t tell your partner how to do their job
    – be prepared for changes that may occur along the way and react accordingly

This way, you can start any digital partnership without significant problems and be pretty sure that the partnership will continue this way throughout the cooperation since you’ve bet on the best possible option.

#4 Cultivating a relationship and trust with your software development partner

As mentioned before, building a trusting relationship with your service provider is crucial for any mature software development process. Consistent performance, meeting deadlines, and delivering quality work are key to demonstrating reliability.

It is equally important to create an environment where both parties can openly share feedback, discuss potential issues, and work collaboratively towards solutions. Recognising and valuing the skills and contributions of your partner is a key aspect of this process.

By showing mutual appreciation, you can build a solid and effective digital partnership. With this foundation, you can work together smoothly and easily achieve your goals.

When there is honesty and mutual respect, resolving issues and working towards goals becomes easier. Therefore, transparency and respect should be the foundation of any productive relationship.

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Best practices to kick off your digital partnership with a software company

Starting a digital partnership with a trusted software development company is more than a formal agreement; it’s the first step in a collaborative journey.

So, how do you ensure this journey begins on the right foot? Here’s our suggested approach:

  1. Outline Your Goals: Start with clarity. What do you want to achieve with this project? Having well-defined goals keeps everyone on the same page and helps measure progress down the line.

  2. Choose Your Cooperation Model Wisely: Your project’s specifics should dictate the cooperation model. Be it “time and material,” “dedicated team,” or “fixed price,” understanding each model’s ins and outs helps you pick the one that fits your project like a glove.

  3. Set Communication Ground Rules: Agree on regular updates, define the main contacts, and confirm which communication tools you’ll use. This step keeps everyone connected and informed, preventing any guesswork.

  4. Get Everything in Writing: It’s crucial to document all details, from project scope and timelines to technical needs. This practice leaves no room for misunderstandings and ensures everyone’s on board with what’s expected.

  5. Discuss the Project or Product Development Roadmap: Review your software partner’s proposed project plan. It should clearly state the various phases, deliverables, and significant milestones. Don’t hesitate to tweak things for a better fit with your goals.

  6. Agree on Collaboration Tools and tech stack: Decide on specific platforms for project management and collaboration. These tools will be your go-to for updates, discussions, and feedback, helping keep the project transparent and on track.

  7. Embrace Regular Feedback: Constructive feedback shouldn’t be an afterthought. Make it a routine part of the process, encouraging timely adjustments and affirming positive progress.

Remember, the initial stages of your partnership will set the tone for everything that follows. By kicking things off with clear communication, defined objectives, and a collaborative spirit, you’re paving the way for a productive, enjoyable, and successful project.

The blueprint of success: mapping out a strategic partnership with software development experts

Having a solid understanding of your business case is important to both sides of the cooperation since this helps you make wise decisions, allows you to effectively proceed with your digital transformation and lays the foundation for delivering the expected outcomes.

So, if you’re thinking about starting your company’s digital transformation and would like to discuss this with specialists in the matter, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be glad to help!

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