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Increase your conversion rate through outsourcing, a case study

date: 7 April 2016
reading time: 2 min

UK Power entered the cooperation with Future Processing at the beginning of 2013. Our Client needed additional resources to speed up their development process.

Currently, we are responsible for the whole software development process. From gathering the requirements and coding, to adding new functionalities, to testing and supporting UK Power’s software architecture. This is crucial to running our client’s core business.

My Account – a portal we are developing together – greatly increases user experience. It allows UK Power’s customers to set up a personal account for an automated market monitor service and receive notifications if there is a better deal on the market, or when their agreement is due to expire. Also, comparison service allows them to see how they can save money on gas and electricity bills.

As far as internal staff is concerned, it is now possible, for example, to easily test all prices across all regions of the country. It can be done on one single page, making the whole process easier, faster, and more intuitive – but most importantly ensuring that the quality of the data is spot on!

The business solution that Future Processing brought can be summarised in one word: automation. Altogether with the responsive design and various optimisations, it has seen the UK Power conversion rate increase greatly over time, and they are looking to increase this further utilising our design and UX expertise.

We’ve doubled the business since we’ve started working with FP, and while this is the accomplishment of the whole team at UK Power, the support from FP in the development we’ve done on the website and the back office systems have been a crucial factor in this growth.

Jacob Duursma, Head of Digital

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