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Industry 4.0 – what is it?

date: 21 March 2017
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It’s quite obvious that each revolution brings out doubts. The ‘How will the tech changes impact our future?’ question is asked more and more often. So, what will the Industry 4.0, also known as the 4th industrial revolution, bring us?

The Industry 4.0 originated in Germany and is widely considered to be the fourth industrial revolution. It has been described as the synergy of computers and industrialisation, in other words, the automation of traditional industries like production, smart factories etc.

Our world has slowly gone through changes. From Industry 1.0 (the introduction of the steam machine at the end of the 18th century), Industry 2.0 (the start of mass production with use of electricity at the end of the 19th century), to Industry 3.0 (the automation of industrial production at the end of the 20th century).

What does it mean for us?

One thing is certain – the change won’t happen overnight. However, in the process, we will surely notice a digital transformation of industries. The Industry 4.0 solutions will most definitely improve the production process, as well as present us with more innovative ways of smart manufacturing.

Another merit must be the optimisation of work – smart collaboration between computers, machines and their operators that form the so called ‘smart factories’ and regulate the supply chain.

Even though we can expect replacing humans for machines, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will result in job losses. After the shift, factory workers will be able to focus on more interesting and brain-stimulating activities, which are much different to the monotonous, mundane, manual tasks. Some of the things they will possibly be able to do is focus on making various decisions or come up with interesting initiatives. Additionally, their health and safety situation will improve considerably.

In short, not only will the factory workers benefit from this revolution, most importantly the companies themselves will note an increase in efficiency, which will result in revenue growth.

The Industry 4.0 is the imminent future, however companies are still apprehensive when it comes to investments in this sector. So, the real question is – how to inspire them to be a part of this revolutionary trend?

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