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Internet of… Christmas

date: 22 December 2015
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Each year at the end of December, we find ourselves making New Year’s Resolutions, aimed at making our lives easier in the following months.

2015 has brought a major breakthrough in Internet of Things. Its facilitations took control of almost every aspect of our lives and continue to impress us each day. Connectivity has changed our reality and new ideas and devices that appear every day make this change more and more visible.

Which innovations will most definitely make Santa’s job easier this year?

Faster and with no fuss – intelligent, self-driving cars that take care of everything are no longer a ‘Back to the Future’ dream. They exist and try to take over the entire car industry. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re in need for a Christmas tree or just need to know how to get to the North Pole. Just ask your car. It will be happy to help.

Easier way through the darkness – in addition to all your (and your neighbours) Christmas lights, you can feel much more secure on the streets. There are cities where lamp posts light up when people approach them and turn off after they walk away. Not only does it make your snowball fights at midnight possible, but also saves a lot of energy.

Hectic shopping fever? – no longer a problem. Many shopping centres and individual shops want to help you make this experience faster. They adjust your shopping lists according to your last purchases. Humans as well as Santa’s Elves really benefit from this solution, since it saves a lot of time and allows you to focus on other Christmas-related things. Quite nifty, isn’t it?

If you like it then you should have put it on your… wrist – too lazy to exercise? Or maybe you simply don’t have time for it? Not an option any more, since Christmas gifts will not bring themselves out of the car, you need to be fit to do that. And your personal wristband will make you do push-ups like no trainer. This is not all, the wristbands can also be used to register your movements. No more slackening there, Christmas elves!

The above-mentioned examples are of course not the end of the list with exciting connected discoveries that entered our world in previous months.

But let’s not reminisce any more and focus on much more magical category – Internet of Christmas!

  • Lights of the world – waiting for Santa with cookies and milk is no longer a case. Right now he can see us wherever he is, since it is possible to remotely control colours of the lights on Christmas trees in public spaces (ex. Darling Harbour, Sydney). Be a part of CheerLights project and get connected!
  • Social Christmas trees – some of us know the satisfaction that new social interactions bring. Imagine a Christmas tree that lights up only when you get new YouTube comments. It has been created by freelance writer Matt Richardson. Being on-line has never been this jolly!
  • Barbie encyclopaedia – can you picture smart Barbies? Well, this year all of us can have one. AI Barbies that enter the market are supposed to answer any question you may have. They are equipped with a mic that is connected to the Internet. However, if you and your child aren’t chatterboxes this toy might not be for you, since AI Barbie can provide up to 200 answers!

As you can clearly see the advancements will be a great help for everybody, not only during the holiday season.

However, it is most definitely not over yet. Since IoT is developing very quickly, we are looking forward to seeing what 2016 has in stock for us.

We would also love to take a moment to wish you all Happy Holidays!




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