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Internet of… energy

date: 18 February 2016
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There are certain things in the world without which our lives would be extremely hard. Energy being one of them. Is there a way to make it even more advanced, simultaneously thinking about it less? Well, read on.

Internet of Things (IoT) entered another sphere – energy. Since it was already present in almost each and every part of our everyday lives, most of us thought that this will not go any further. Yet, it did.

Smart monitoring of power grids

Software company C3 took their first steps in 2011. Now, after years of being on the market, they came up with a progressive idea – monitoring of power grids.

What does it mean for us?

This clever idea focuses on data received from this very monitoring. It is based on information from the typical grid sensors, as well as weather or sun ones.

By attaching a smart meter to the Internet, C3 is able to optimise the energy usage, predict damages, and reduce costs.

As of today, the service works in the cloud in SaaS model (software as a service).

Tesla to the rescue

Tesla, being as innovative as usual, came up with a sneaky way to store and share energy.

Their plan is to combine small power plants, like solar panels, found on rooftops, and accompanying infrastructure into an intelligent grid.

This is not all, they also released a home battery which will not only help to store energy on your very rooftop, but also share it with someone who may need it more. This way the unpredictable nature of renewable power sources becomes less of an issue.

As you can see, the Internet of Things lets the energy industry flourish. Right now, apart from the above, it is also bound to focus on renewable energy sources, which means that instead of big power plants, a lot of smaller ones will be built. There will be wind or solar power plants that will all have to be managed. All these solutions will really come in handy.

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