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Internet of…healthcare

date: 28 April 2015
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When it comes to such significant matter as people’s health, you really do expect the true innovation to finally become tangible.

As you probably already know IoT caused a revolution in recent years in almost every sector. We finally realise that most of our actions can be made easier due to electronics and most importantly, may have miraculous effects on our lives.

Internet of things is here to stay but new changes loom up every day. The devices are aimed at easing the hardship at our homes but also ensure our safety in such institutions as hospitals and nurseries.

Speaking of which, let us take a look at how our life will improve thanks to Internet of Healthcare.

  1. Fall detection

IoT is aimed to greatly support the elderly people. Everybody is afraid of falling and not being able to get up on their own. Right now this dread would be a tale of yesterday. The elderly can now be equipped with special bracelets that monitor their position (indoors and outdoors). In case of falling, special services will be informed to help them. The bracelet also measures patient’s temperature and checks their blood flow.

  1. Smartbeds

We are all aware of the fact that hospitals are crowded and sometimes it may be very hard to keep track of everything. Smartbeds may be a perfect solution. Not only do they detect if the beds are free or occupied, which eases patient’s admissions, but they also check patient’s position and possible attempts to get up. What is more, smartbeds monitor and adjust patient’s position, pressure and check their heart rate simultaneously logging all the important data in the base.

  1. Medical fridges

Vaccines and medicines play the most important role in the hospital, therefore proper attention must be paid to ensure their freshness. IoT brings out the idea of special fridges and freezers that would be able to control and monitor the temperature inside them, not to mention they would be able to inform about possible problems or drops of temperatures.

  1. Ingestible pills

This one here is pure magic mixed with sci-fi. Imagine a pill which works as a sensor and is taken with your regular medicines. Once it’s swallowed, it sends the signal to your caretaker that the pill has been taken and is being digested. That is not all, the signal is sent to the tracker installed in patient’s skin as well.


Internet of healthcare is an undeniable breakthrough. However it surely will make a stir in cases of data privacy since the access of third parties to medical records might be made much easier. Especially, in the era of the fast flow of information and hacking attacks.

Internet of things in the healthcare sector may raise some concerns, yet it will facilitate our lives tremendously. Monitoring patient’s well-being 24/7 not only in hospitals, but also in their homes or faster and painless check-ups will help doctors make more thorough diagnosis and give more meticulous treatments. All thanks to technology!


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