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date: 9 June 2015
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Internet of Things has become a fancy and very popular phrase. It has changed our lives and since it can be heard everywhere, we decided to prepare a short series about it.

We already wrote about it in general, we commented on IoT in healthcare, cities and our newest post is about transportation. As you can see, IoT is everywhere.

Let me take on a trip down the memory lane. How many times were you stuck in traffic, nervously looking at your clock? Or did someone take your parking spot which, by the way, was the last one on the parking lot? Well, I’m happy to tell you it is bound to change.

1. Traffic

Cameras equipped with motion detectors and the data gathered from GPS devices are about to change our lives. They detect the traffic patterns to guarantee people have real-time data. Also, they inform on the congestions or predict the travel time, vehicles volume and traffic movements. All the information is stored in the cloud, so it’s easily accessible. Everything to help you save your quality time!

2. Sensor-monitored parking lots

Parking spots are equipped with sensors. The information on their vacancy can be accessed by special applications. Not only, do you know about free parking spaces but you are also guided right to it. This technology regulates parking management simultaneously reducing the emission of CO2, since people do not have to drive around anymore. However, there is one downside – the prices shoot up the moment the demand for the spots increases.

3. Connected cars

Since everything becomes ‘connected’ why not think about cars? These particular appear to be getting a lot of hype lately. Such vehicles are like your best advisor: they give real-time data on local traffic, provide entertainment and even let you make emergency calls in case of accidents. What is more, they notify the driver when his car needs a service. Most of the users of connected cars claim the cost savings are immense because insurance prices are lower for them. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Internet of Things brings changes we never dreamt of. We are slowly, but surely, entering the world of Harry Potter. However, until we are able to teleport, we have to rely on new technologies that seem to be out of this world anyway.

Are there any fields of IoT you find particularly interesting? Tell us in the comments below and maybe we’ll write more about them.
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