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Is 2015 predictable?

date: 17 March 2015
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The time has come. March kicked in and it is high time we thought about tech novelties this year will bring.

Technology is pacing forward incredibly fast and soon it might get a little bit too inspiring. However, as Arthur C. Clarke said ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.‘ So let me grab my crystal ball and tell you what is in technological stock this year.

 Even Bigger Data

Big data is one of those not-so-new trends that has been a part of our everyday life for quite a while. It is even tricky to still call it Big, because it smoothly moved to the section of MEGA. More data means more in-depth analysis and better results.

There are a few industries that will most likely benefit from incorporating or developing Big Data in 2015, like E-commerce, which really increases user CUSTOMISED experience. Big Data allows companies to accumulate personal information of their customers and offer additional products leading to bundle sale. It is all based on customers’ recent search or purchase. Also, Big Data shows customers’ journey and steps they take to buy products.

Another industry that can possibly benefit is Digital Advertising. Big Data supports hyper-localised advertising targeting the audience, whenever they are close to their places of interest. It leads to offers and promotions being pushed to their mobile phones, it guarantees personalised deals and strengthens the bond with the customers.

 Internet of Things

Internet of things (IoT) is the trend with broadest prospects to flourish. In 2006 there were 2 billion IoT objects, whereas in 2020 it is predicted to grow to 200 billion. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? For those, who were hiding in the dark – IoT is the network of things connected to the Internet that interact with each other, completing tasks when you rest, work or have fun.

It might be everything, from things that seem really obvious, like smart-watches or tablets, to unbelievably tiny and innovative stuff like smart dust (sprayed on the soil to measure the level of chemicals).

There are of course things that are completely new. A donut-shaped Bluetooth device that can be installed on top of an umbrella. I bet you wonder what for?  A special app might help you find a dry-way home, because whenever you are a tad forgetful, strangers can share an umbrella with you. Nevertheless, it is not all. BitLock is a sane way to go if you are a cyclist. When you are close to your possession, the app checks your ID via Bluetooth and a simple click unlocks your wheels. As you can see, IoT will soon become one of the contributors to Big Data.

3D printing

3D printing is nothing new. However, its new possibilities entered the digital world for good. Once an intangible dream, now it is a real phenomenon. Before 3D printers seemed like an extravagant fad, but 2015 will verify that statement. This year will bring lower-priced solutions that would be ideal not only for individuals, but especially for start-up companies.  They will be given a chance to unleash their full potential, since prototypes will be produced faster and cheaper.

Not many people know, that Medicine is the leading sector of 3D printing. Mostly thanks to Align Technology that creates Invisalign (type of braces). 2015 might bring solutions as exceptional as replacement organs. That is not all, there is a chance we will soon experience our 3D reflections in the form of figurines. There are already companies (like Uniqlo, MarketBot Store) doing prints of the whole body or its parts. So, if you are in need of having yourself standing somewhere close, this year will bring you lots of joy. I’ve heard they always choose your best angles 😉

We can safely say that 2015 is the year of development and extraordinary ideas. Most of which will be blooming for many years, bringing even more wow effect into our lives. So, prepare yourselves for man-machine mind melds, smart buildings or robots. Especially, since Big Data is strongly connected to the Internet of things. And 3D printing… well, if saving lives isn’t worth it, I don’t know what is.

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