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Is bandwidth your key to success?

date: 28 July 2015
reading time: 2 min

Have you ever wondered if your Internet speed influences the way you work? Well, as it turns out, it does. Bandwidth can enormously increase your productivity.

Apparently, for many businesses, success and more efficient development are possible due to the incredibly fast Internet.

Let us imagine what can happen when it becomes even faster.

Not only does it allow to do many things simultaneously like streaming, watching and broadcasting, but also things strictly work-related that may make your job more comfortable. It’s all due to the fact that Broadband enables freelancers to easily connect with their clients, audience and potential partners.

Broadband goes hand in hand with data acceleration, which has significant influence on many business processes. It helps the entire organisations develop much faster. Not only may it minimise risks connected with outages, which are very costly for the enterprises, but also increases the usage of cloud and lowers the costs connected with it.

Last year, the average broadband could be expected with speeds as fast as 25Mbps/s, which was almost a 500% growth. However, it may soon happen that we will perceive this as a slug speed.

Recently, Cisco reported that the average Internet speed may increase by 23%. This will support the growth of businesses, their efficiency and productivity. It’s going to make all the connected devices like tablets, cars and even houses, work and synchronise with each other.

Nevertheless, there are places that won’t be able to experience the Broadband to this extent. Latin America or regions in Asia like India or Indonesia will have lower speeds in comparison to the rest of the world, because the above-mentioned are still in the development phase.

In this fast paced world everything must eventually become better and more effective – that’s why the Internet must follow. As people become more efficient when they have access to faster Internet, Broadband will not only improve the work of existing companies and help them produce better products, but also cater to individuals who want to develop their own, one-person companies.

What is your experience with broadband influencing your productivity? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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