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Is microchipping our inevitable fate?

date: 14 July 2016
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Human microchipping is presumably the last thing you’d ever thought of. We aren’t, however, playing a joke on you, since biohacking is allegedly our impending future.

When you think about chips and biohacking you must clearly see a Matrix reality which seems too sci-fi to be true, however, as it turns out, it is just around the corner.

Let’s start from the beginning. According to NBC News, all Americans will get chipped up to 2017. All this to make identification of people way easier. The chips that are to be implanted, are tiny and work in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) which is now used in proximity cards.

When this information came to the surface, it divided the US’ citizens – some are incredibly excited and want to be a part of this revolution, whereas others fully reject it, to the point where a few states, including Virginia, proposed legislation to stop this from happening.

Let’s focus on the facts though.

Once the microchips are implanted into human body they will allow the government to track, among others, our:

  • movements,
  • food/drugs intake,
  • money flow.

However, there are also merits of this venture that may get overlooked because of this commotion. The moment you’re chipped, you are ‘on the radar’, which means:

  • you cannot get lost,
  • crimes and frauds will be tracked faster,
  • you won’t need any ID, password or other documentation.

Is it the end of privacy?

Once you think about it, the answer that first comes to mind is very simple – yes.

The moment the chip is implanted into your body, you become a smart entity which can be tracked, monitored and controlled. This is the very moment Orwell’s reality becomes yours.

However, chips’ enthusiasts claim that thanks to this revolution a lot of sectors will be thriving.

Medicine, for example, may take a giant leap forward, enabling patients to control not only their pills intake, but also their heart actions. Additionally, as it has been written above, many actions will be easier, like opening doors, using the tube or even paying for a meal. All in all, this may make our life more convenient.

Just to sum up, let us say that entering the reality we’ve only known from books or movies is closer than ever. There are still many questions to be answered – will chips make their way through or will the idea die out? We shall see.

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